Bar Council of India - Functions & Activities

Bar council of India performs following functions under section7 (1) of the Advocates Act 1961:

  1. Lays down standards of professional conduct and etiquette for advocates
  2. Lays down the procedure to be followed by its disciplinary committee and the disciplinary committee of each State Bar Council
  3. Safeguards the rights, privileges and interest of advocates
  4. Promotes and support law reform
  5. Deals and disposes any matter arising under Act, which may be referred to it by a State Bar Council
  6. Exercises general supervision and control over State Bar Councils
  7. Promotes legal education and to lay down standards of such education in consultation with the Universities in India imparting such education and the State Bar Councils;
  8. Recognises Universities whose degree in law shall be a qualification for enrolment as an advocate and for that purpose to visit and inspect Universities or cause the State Bar Councils to visit and inspect Universities in accordance with such directions as it may given be in this behalf
  9. Conducts seminars and organises talks on legal topics by eminent jurists and publish journals and papers of legal interest
  10. Organises legal aid to the poor in the prescribed manner
  11. Recognises on a reciprocal basis foreign qualifications in law obtained outside India for the purpose of admission as an advocate under this Act
  12. Manages and invest the funds of the Bar Council
  13. Provides for the election of its members
  14. Performs all other functions conferred on it by or under this Act
  15. Does all other things which are necessary for discharging the aforesaid functions

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