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Professional Competence Course (PCC)

Professional Competency Course is the first stage of Chartered Accountancy programme. A student can take up this programme after passing CPT examination or after graduating from a recognised university. Under this programme, student receives theoretical knowledge as well as practical training simultaneously. Subjects of study that covered under PCC programme are mentioned below-


Group I
Paper 1 :Advanced Accounting (100 Marks)
Paper 2 :Auditing and Assurance (100 Marks)
Paper 3 :Law, Ethics and Communication
Part I : Law (60 Marks)
Business Laws (30 Marks)
Company Law (30 Marks)
Part II : Business Ethics (20 Marks)
Part III : Business Communication (20 Marks)
Group II
Paper 4 :Cost Accounting and Financial Management
Part I : Cost Accounting (50 marks)
Part II : Financial Management (50 marks)
Paper 5 :Taxation
Part I : Income-tax (75 Marks)
Part II : Service Tax and VAT (25 Marks)
Paper 6 :Information Technology and Strategic Management
Section A : Information Technology (50 marks)
Section B : Strategic Management (50 marks)
The subjects of PCC are classified into two groups which astudent can study and appear in the examination group-wise or both the groups together.


For admission into PCC programme, a pass in 10+2 examination is necessary along with qualification in Common Proficiency Test (CPT). Consequently, a candidate requires obtaining registration for practical training vis-a-vis registration for Articled Training and 100 Hours Information Technology Training.

The 100 Hours transition training is generally commences from 1st week of December.


A student who has passed 10 + 2 examination and has qualification in Common Proficiency Test (CPT) can register for Professional Competence Course (PCC). Such students require apply in form nos. 102 & 103.

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