Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) - Act

Earlier, there was no regulation for pharmacy practices in India, and due to his lapse everyone and anyone was able to practice pharmacy and allied discipline as his / her career. Most of the person practicing this profession were having no knowledge about pharmacy / chemistry and allied sciences. Several cases of injuries and fatalities came into notice to the government because of inadequate administration of drug to the patient or inappropriate composition of drugs and medicines.

This happened because the persons involved in the pharmacy companies making medicines / drugs were not trained. Keeping in view all these facts the government of India has established the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) as a statutory body for the regularization of pharmacy profession in the country. Also the government has handed over the council ‘The Pharmacy Act 1948’ under which it functions.

The act is written into four chapters Chapter 1 is introduction, which gives an inside view of the act. Chapter 2 mentions all about Pharmacy Council of India. Chapter 3 speaks about State Pharmacy Councils. Chapter 4 is dedicated to Registration of Pharmacist. Chapter 5, the last chapter is called Miscellaneous; this chapter speaks about different common issues in detail which are necessary but not mentioned in the main chapters.

An individual willing to practice pharmacy or an organization in want of providing pharmacy services in India requires registering with Pharmacy Council of India and hence requires to know about ‘The Pharmacy Act 1948’. For full access of the Pharmacy Act 1948, Click Here

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