Special Class Railway Apprentices' (SCRA) Exam Preparation Tips



SCRA exam interview tips and contact details are given below:

  1. For the General English Paper, practice the basic rules of English usage and vocabulary exercises from any standard grammar/Civil Services examination handbook.
  2. For the general knowledge paper, focus on areas like: physical geography, exploration of underground resources with special reference to flora and fauna of India, polity, history and society in India, social planning and welfare in India, economics with special reference to India’s development under the five year’s plan.
  3. Your answers should be analytical, precise, logical and systematic.
  4. Basic preparations should be made from good text books, with additional backup from a variety of sources e.g. journals, newspapers, topical essays, websites, etc.
  5. Legible and neat handwriting will definitely enhance the quality of a well-presented precise answer.

For SCRA Exam Details 2020, click here.

Contact Details

Under Secretary (CSP),
Union Public Service Commission,
Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road,
New Delhi-110 011.

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