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Web developers are in charge for the back-end programming or in simple words, ‘wiring’ of a website. A web developer’s job mainly revolves around key activities including writing good codes for website along with teaming up with web designers to create user-friendly features for web browsers.

Truly speaking, web developers are the architect of a website. Their key-responsibility is to chalk- out an outline map of the website and also to put up and maintain a website’s infrastructure.

Web developers write the code that allows web surfers to search for information with the use of keyword and hyperlink to another web page. They are also responsible for managing internal databases, reporting tools and other features essential for smooth functionality of a website.

These professionals not only decide about the software to make the website run fastest but also formulate ideas and concepts to launch a new programs and software to serve specific purposes. Today well-trained web developer has many job opportunities before him.

Personal Skills

Aspirant wishing to make a future as web developer must have an inborn desire to defy all odds, a skill to write and understand computer programming languages.

As this profession requires collaboration with designers, marketing departments and business executives, one must also be a great team-player.

Career Scope & Job Prospects

The increasing popularity of the web has generated thousands of job opportunities for competent professionals in the field of web development.

Web developers with at least a bachelor’s degree in web development or computer science, are quite in demand these days.

Salary Package

Web developers, being the backbone of any website, are offered excellent pay-packages. Generally, a fresher can expect a salary range somewhere between Rs.8000 – Rs.15000. per month.

Computer professionals with engineering degrees or M.CA. qualification are offered excellent pay packages in this field.

Top Colleges/Institutes for Web Development

The following institute imparts training in wide-ranging aspects of web development and its related areas. List of Computer Training Institutes in major cities and states.


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