Career In Geography In India - Scope, Government Jobs, Salary

The word Geography originates from the Greek words “Geo or Gaea” both meaning “Earth”, and “graphein” meaning “to describe” or “to map”. Hence, it can be inferred that Geography is the science of the earth i.e., the study of the surface of the earth, the location and distribution of its physical and cultural features, the aerial outlines of places, and also the interrelation of these features as they influence human population.

Eligibility Criteria for Geography Courses

Educational Qualification: The minimum qualification for taking up geography courses is 10+2 with high marks in social sciences including geography. For some degree courses in selected universities and colleges, there is an entrance test in which the aptitude of aspirants i
s checked for specialized study of geography. A first –class in geography, is generally a prerequisite for admission to a postgraduate course in geography.

Personal attributes: Aspirants who want to make a career in geography in India must be creative and imaginative. It is also important to be accepting of learning from others as mentorship from established professionals will play an important role in the initial years. Students of geography need to have an analytical bent of mind, have impeccable organizational skills, communicate well, and be comfortable working in a team.

With a degree in Geography, students are trained in data collection, analysis, presentation, problem identification and evaluation, report production and presentation, etc. Due to the vast scope of geography, the subject delves into several different aspects like environment management, geographic information systems, meteorology, urban planning, teaching, and research.

Scope of Geography

Geography offers several career options with numerous specializations.

Cartography – Geographers who specialize in this sub-category of geography make maps, charts, globes, and models

– Geographers can specialize in surveying, either by joining the Survey of India or state survey separtments or private organizations. Surveyors map the surface of the earth through mathematical observations and field work. This is one of many geography jobs in India.

Urban and Regional Planning – The specialization is concerned with planning, housing, and development projects with respect to their location and utilization of available land-space. There are degree courses available in this stream.

Town Planning – Town planners are employed by public and private organizations engaged in urban planning and design and by NGOS involved in rural development projects. Many universities offer diploma courses in the specialized field of town planning.

Remote Sensing – Studies of quickly changing phenomena such as floods, draught and forest fires, etc. Remote sensing satellites provide a variety of information about the earth’s surface


Climate Change Analysis – As a professional in this field, geographers are required to analyse scientific data and conduct research concerning climate and climate change and make prediction regarding the future of Earth’s climate and weather. 

Geospatial Analyst – A geospatial analyst analyses geographical data, designs databases, uses this data in GIS applications for a wide array of sectors including military, real estate, environment, and goverment. 

Depending on their area of specialization, geographers may be employed as forest managers or in agricultural or economic institutes or as demographers in government and research organizations. A geography background is also an asset for careers in travel and tourism, particularly for travel Journalism. You can also be employed as climatologists, geomorphologists, GIS specialists, and hydrologists.

Geography Pay Package

Since the nature of jobs after geography degree is very diverse, the salary can vary tremendously. Though, initially pay packet in this field of work is not as lucrative as other hot career options, one can expect a starting salary somewhere around INR 2.35 LPA to INR 6.5 LPA, depending on the profile and kind of work.

Geography Institutes/Universities

Some of the most well-known colleges and universities in the country that offer courses in geography and related subjects are listed below.

  • University of Delhi
  • University of Rajasthan

  • Institute of Geo-informatics & Remote Sensing

  • Jamia Millia University

  • Amity University

  • Savitribai Phule Pune University

  • Lovely Professional University

  • Panjab University

  • MS University, Baroda

  • University of Mumbai, Kalina

  • Madras Christian College