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Aptitude Testing

The senior secondary level of school education in India can be the most defining period in shaping the higher education options & career choices of a child. What stream you need to choose after class 10 – science, commerce or humanities – is a question that starts looming large over the parent’s and the student’s mind right from class 9.

More often than not, the decision of picking the choice of subjects to study in class 11 & 12 is taken by the parents, if not determined by your class 10 marks. But ideally, you should choose your subjects on the basis of your aptitude, personality, interests and career plans.

How can students establish where exactly their aptitude lies? How can they determine and finalise which subjects match their aptitude and interests? Parents often don’t take their children seriously when it comes to making such decisions. And students end up giving in to parental pressure and choose subjects which lead to “lucrative” and “safe” career options.

CBSE Student’s Global Aptitude Index (SGAI)

It is to address this growing concern that the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) came up with the novel idea of an aptitude test for class 10 students in 2011. The CBSE was the first board in the country to introduce such a concept – a “Student’s Global Aptitude Index (SGAI)”.

The purpose of the SGAI is to empower a 15 year old, class 10 student with “self-knowledge” – help him/ her discover where his aptitude lies, what his personality is like etc. The CBSE SGAI is meant for X grade students and is an optional activity, for schools and students.

It has been designed by a team of experts comprising of psychometrics, psychiatrists, and practising school counsellors and pilot tested on a sample audience before its implementation.

The first edition of the “Student’s Global Aptitude Index (SGAI)” was held on 15 January 2011. More than 6 lakh students from all over India and abroad took the CBSE SGAI in 2011, 2012 and 2013.


Salient features of SGAI

•    The CBSE SGAI is not mandatory & is meant for class X students studying in CBSE affiliated schools across the world.
•    The test is a collection of indices such as aptitude, interest and personality.
•    Unlike the conventional aptitude tests which indicate professional orientations, the CBSE SGAI attempts to indicate subject orientations at +2 level.
•    CBSE’s aptitude’s test has been customized to suit the Indian context and variety of student population in CBSE affiliated private, government and aided Schools.
•    The CBSE SGAI is not an examination.
•    It is a simple paper and pencil test of 1.5 hours duration.
•    There are NO right or wrong answers, negative marking, pass or fail.
•    There’s no prescribed syllabus and no special preparation is required.
•    You just need to be mentally prepared and answers questions sincerely in this test. Your SGAI scores may depend upon your environmental stimulus and motivation levels.
•    You should take the CBSE- SGAI scores only as an indicator or a facilitator.
•    The purpose of CBSE SGAI is limited to help the larger population including parents, teachers and students to initiate a dialogue on subject choices that lead to effective career planning later in life.
•    Final decision on the subject choices may be taken in consultation with teachers and parents.

Who can participate in CBSE SGAI? How?

School can register their students for SGAI by paying a nominal fee of Rs. 100 per student. The SGAI registration has now been combined with the online list of candidates of class X for academic session 2014-15.



The CBSE will conduct the seventh edition of Student’s Global Aptitude Index in November, 2016 across India and other affiliated schools of CBSE worldwide.

The assessment and interpretation of scores of SGAI 2016 will be done by the board under the supervision of an expert panel. School wise score cards will be issued to individual students after analysis and interpretation.

Schools can register students for the 7th SGAI till  October, 2016.


For any queries you can contact:

Smt. Rama Sharma
PRO & Project Director (SGAI)
Central Board of Secondary Education
Shiksha Kendra, 2, Community Centre,
Preet Vihar, Delhi – 110092
Email: [email protected]
TeleFax: 011-22440083

There is no provision for individual or direct registration of students as of now. Therefore all CBSE affiliated schools should register and avail the facility of CBSE- SGAI assessment.

Choose wisely!

Our advice to class 10 students is to choose your subjects for the next two years wisely – they’d determine your path for future – your career goals and aspirations are intertwined with this decision you make. Follow your heart, your interests and keep in mind where your aptitude lies!

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