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CBSE Class 10 Parents FAQs

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As a parent, you too can have some queries regarding streams and careers that your child opts after Class 10. Here are some of the frequently asked questions by parents.

1.    My son is not quite good in studies and has scored 65 percent in his Class X boards. I do not know what stream he should study further in. I would like him to take up Commerce but then I fear whether he would be able to do well in it. What do you suggest?

Your fear as a parent is just. You should talk to your son to know his likes and dislikes. You can even ask him to take some aptitude tests that are available freely on the web. Ask him to take the self-assessment quiz to be more clear about his strengths and weaknesses.

2.    My daughter has scored 90% in her Class X ICSE examinations. She wants to pursue a career in medicine and would like to take up science stream with PCMB. Will this stream from ICSE be good for her or should I shift her to a CBSE school?

Your daughter has scored good marks in her ICSE. If the school, she is studying in is good, then I do not see any reason for her to change her school just for the board. However, for some exams like CBSE PMT, syllabus of CBSE board would definitely be an advantage. But for state level medical entrance exams ISC or state board syllabus would not make much of a difference. You can check the syllabus of CBSE PMT right here.


3.    My daughter has attained 76% marks in her Class X boards. We are a family of doctors and we had wished that our daughter would take up the same career as well. However, I am afraid that she hasn’t scored well enough to take up the Science stream in Class XI. Would she be able to cope up with Science as her stream and make a career in Medicine?

Just talk to her to find out of she is interested in studying medicine. I can understand that she has been brought up in an environment where she has seen medicine as the predominant career. But there are many new and emerging careers as well. Being a doctor yourself, you can tell her the pros and cons of the career and the let her make a choice of her own. Click here to read some of the other careers which she can opt.

4.    My daughter has scored 74 % in her Class X boards and has good creative intelligence. She would like to take up Arts as her stream in Class XI but I fear that choosing this stream would limit her choices for careers after passing Class XII. Please suggest how to guide her.

She would not be limiting her choices for careers if she opted for Humanities after class 10, in fact a plethora of options will open in front of her. Click here to learn more about Class 12 humanities.

5.     My son has attained 69% in his class X boards. He has always been interested in sports rather than in studies and would like to make his career in Football. But we, as his parents, are not quite sure how to guide him on what stream to choose in Class XI that would enable him to choose other careers if his dream of becoming a sportsperson does not come true. Please suggest us on how we should guide him?

I would first like to appreciate your efforts as a parent to give your child’s career a serious thought. Though sports have its own place in India, it is only cricket that gets all the limelight. However, other sports are getting some importance with the hosting of the Common Wealth Games in India. You can enroll your child in Humanities stream and at the same time associate him with some sports academies around your area.

6.    My son has scored 93 percent in his Class 10 examinations. He is not quite sure about what stream to choose in class 11 as he has varied interests in various subjects and fields. I want to help him choose the right stream for him but do not know how. Please guide me.

Well, this is the normal case for most children. What you can advise him is to take any aptitude test which are freely available on the web to see where his interests lie. Further, you can talk to him about his likes and dislikes and also ask him to talk to his teachers. In the mean time, he can take a self-assessment quiz developed by NNE to check his aptitude. Click here to learn more.

For FAQs by students click here

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