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CBSE Engineering Graphics Class 12 Preparation Tips


What is Engineering Graphics?

Engineering Graphics may be defined as a graphical language used by engineers, architects, draftsmen, surveyors, technocrats, designers and other people associated with the engineering profession. The purpose of engineering drawing is to graphically convey the ideas and information necessary for the construction or analysis of machines, structures, or systems.

Important topics are as follows:

Isometric projections of solids
Machine Drawing
Drawing of Machine parts
Sectional view of assembly of machine parts:
1. Bearings
2. Rod joints
3. Tie-rod and pipe joints
4. Couplings
5. Pulleys
Marks distributed to Important Topics:

Isometric projections of solids – 25 marks
Machine Drawing – 45 marks
A. Drawing of Machine parts – 15 marks
B. Sectional view of assembly of machine parts – 30 marks

Though these are the marking trends, you should devote equal time to each section.

Tips for preparation

  • Practice drawing of engineering objects in 1st/3rd angle, inclusive of cross-sectional drawings, plane and elevation.
  • Familiarize yourself with drawing standards, symbols and software.
  • Keep visualizing things and different views for those things.
  • Make flashcards to remember the definitions of the new terms you come across, and be thorough with the theoretical part.

How to score well

  • Before you start the exam, utilize the first 15 minutes to scan the paper. Read the question paper thoroughly before jumping to write the answers.
  • Among the questions with internal choices, select the ones that you plan to attempt, and frame skeletons of the answers you are going to write for these questions. 
  • Follow a pattern. For example, in case you start with long answer questions, complete that section and only then move to short or very short answer section.
  • Highlight the important points and write your answer in points to enhance visibility.

Recommended NCERT Books

You can find the official CBSE published Engineering Graphics book from here.pdf


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