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CBSE Coaching - Is It A Necessity?

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Generally, there is no serious need of private tutoring for students studying in primary school. Help, if required, can come from parents. The question of private tutoring becomes a little more prominent, for high school students, where subject matter experts are needed. In these cases, subject matter experts can definitely make a student learn more. They make sure that the results are evident. But, even for that, one has to know whether coaching is essential for him or not.

Is coaching a necessity for CBSE boards?

So, why is there a need for additional tutoring in the first place?

A student is usually made to follow a routine. He has to go to school, he has to spend time there, he has to come back and go to a coaching institute and it is there, in the coaching institute, that he has to study for the exams.

It is this “routine” that has made coaching indispensable. Going unprepared to the school, coming home without learning anything of great value and going to a coaching institute to actually learn is one reason.

Also, it may be a case that due to some reason, a person may require additional help in a subject or two and hence, turns to private coaching.

The next question that comes to mind are the merits and demerits of coaching. While the merits and demerits of coaching are subjective, the general merits and demerits are listed below.

Merits of Private Coaching

    1. Individual attention: With small batch sizes or private one-to-one tutoring, it becomes easy for a student to understand concepts and ask doubts, and interact with the teacher and his peers.
    2. More time to spend on a particular/weak subject: In case a person feels that he is weak in a particular subject, he can always join a coaching institute. He would, then be able to spend more time on that subject; in school, and in the coaching institute as well.

Demerits of Private Coaching

  1. It eats up the ‘self study’ time: While it helps to join a private coaching institute, it eats up the self study time, which is very important for any student. Irrespective of the number of classes a student takes, it is very important for a student to study things on his own. By joining a private coaching institute, the time a student has for self study, reduces.
  2. Lack of value addition: For someone who joins a coaching institute just because it is a routine, there will not be any value addition.

It should in no way be interpreted that attending coaching classes are must for succeeding in studies. The most important factor for success in any educational field is the inherent qualities like the diligence, sincerity and ability to work hard, in the student. Had this not been the case, all students enrolled in the coaching institutes would have cleared the exams.

Most high scorers never take any help from coaching institutes, but still manage to scale the peak of academic excellence. Still, In case someone wants to join a coaching institute, one should look at how near the coaching is to his/her house and how much time s/he is going to spend there, because, the time lost in traveling and the consequences of long distance (like fatigue) travel may lead to a less than optimum performance.

A coaching center must always be considered as an additional tool/support that can help you perform better in your regular studies or competitive exams, and not the only tool, because, eventually, it is going to be your hard work, and your efforts that will pay.

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