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CISCE History


CISCE stands Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. It is a non-government board that imparts education at the school level. It conducts exams for the SSC (called the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Exam) and the HSC (known as the Indian School Certificate Exam).

The CISCE was set up in 1956 at the meeting of the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education. A proposal was adopted for the setting up of an Indian Council to administer the Local Examination Syndicate of the University of Cambridge in India.

The Ethos of the Council

  • Trust and fair play
  • Minimum monitoring
  • Allow schools to evolve own niche – progressive institution
  • Needs of the children – renew their objectives
  • Freedom to experiment with new ideas and practices – The Schools must continuously evolve – ‘You won’t skid if you stay in a rut’
  • Diversity and plurality – the basic strength for evolution of idea.
  • Schools to motivate pupil towards the cultivation of:
  • Excellence – The Indian experience
  • Values – Spiritual and cultural – to be the bed rock of the educational experience
  • Schools to have ‘Indian Ethos’ and strong roots in the national psyche. Be sensitive to national aspiration.
  • Be sensitive to national aspiration.
  • The Work

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