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CISCE ISC English - Preparation Tips


course in English is intended to give students a high level of competence in English with an emphasis on the study of literary texts and will provide extensive exposure to a variety of rich texts of world literature as well as to Indian writings in English, including classics, and develop sensitivity to the creative and imaginative uses of English and give them a taste for reading with delight and discernment.

Study Tips:

  • Read your Shakespearean play thoroughly again and again
  • Get hold of some reference books to understand the Shakespearean age and the background of the play
  • Make a note of all the difficult phrases and words. Try to translate the important lines spoken by the protagonists in your own language
  • Make a critical analysis of the main characters of the play and discuss it with your English teacher
  • You might be required to produce some important quotations of the play in your answers, so it is advisable that you memorize some of the lines. However, remember that even if you miss out a single word from the lines while reproducing it, your marks could be deducted. If you have even the slightest of doubt, do not reproduce it; instead translate them in your own language.
  • If you can, watch the DVD of the play as it will help you sketch the characters in your mind vividly
  • Read your text books well. Know the story and frame answers in your own words.

Tips for scoring good marks

  • During the exam, try to write your descriptive answers in points.
  • Scan the paper before answering.
  • For long answer type questions, before starting, frame a skeleton of the answer in the margin.
  • Be crisp and to the point in very short questions.

Recommended Books

To know which books to follow, click here

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