7 Awesome Jobs that an MCA degree will prepare you for!

People imagine the life of a computer expert to be all isolated and busy. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The intersection of information technology with almost every other domain has made computer science experts important everywhere. From designing video games to managing healthcare information, an MCA degree opens your career to many exciting fields. The top 7 of these lucrative careers are listed here:

data scientist job mca

1. Data Scientist

This is a new and emerging profession that exploits huge datasets to analyse just about everything. These scientists use huge amounts of data to study consumer patterns, climate, market behaviour, etc. Data science is an exciting frontier that uses advanced computer applications to make targeted prediction in a given field. Take for instance, the phenomenal success of the TV show House of Cards. The program was designed entirely on suggestions from data scientists who tracked user preferences in movies over the decade.

2. Cyber Security

Only a few months ago, the release of the year’s highly awaited comedy flick The Interview was stalled because of a massive cyber attack on the production house. Cyber warfare is increasingly becoming one of the most dangerous tools of destruction. Not only the defense industry, but all critical infrastructure industries are investing in cyber security and strategy. These industries are looking for next-generation cyber security experts who are trained in advanced coding. These experts use data-driven defense to monitor potential cyber attacks and strategize the potential threat patterns before it is too late.  

3. Cyber Robotics

The ability to program robots with human operations is the new edge of technology. This frontier can make most of our industries seamless. cyber_robotics_jobs_mcaMany tech giants are investing in developing robotic technologies for space exploration, aerospace, mechanics and other advanced areas. Computer experts are an important part of this research. Their ability to create complex program codes that can be replicated in robotic devices gives them the most critical role in this exciting and breathtaking field.

4. Cloud Architect

Data is fast moving away from personal storage into the cloud. A bulk of the world’s biggest servers, including Facebook and Google servers, are located on clouds in multiple geographical areas. Cloud architects are computer application experts who work in building and maintaining these cloud systems. They ensure that the cloud systems are useable, stable and secure. Unlike many other IT careers, cloud architects need to be ahead of the curve and predict any potential threats to cloud databases before they occur real-time.

5. Web Developer

Don’t frown yet. Web developing isn’t always about building static pages for businesses. About a billion web pages are added to the internet every day. These web pages, as you know, are about everything – from business to academics and entertainment. The competition among players in building better, safer and richer web pages makes this career a thriving one.

If you are the freelance creative type, this career fits you even better. More than half of the web developers are self-employed.  Moreover, web developer roles are expected to grow at least by 20% by next decade! All about the career of a web developer: Web developing

6. Video Game Designing

healthcare_information_technology_mcaIf web designing doesn’t impress you, you should try your hand at something more creative! Video game designing is a career placed at the intersection of arts and computer applications. With about a thousand new games added every day in the US alone, the demand for creative video game designers is expected to grow by at least 25 percent in the coming years. About its creative satisfaction – you already know enough! All about the career of a game designer: Game designer

7. Healthcare Information Technology

This career has been listed on the ‘Top 10 Hot Careers for college graduates’ according to a new study from the University of San Diego. Due to increasing international medical regulation, healthcare providers are increasingly seeking assistance from information technology to manage and harness their medical information. This has made healthcare information technology one of the most crucial domains within healthcare. With an array of specialties opening every year, this is easily the most booming sector on our list.

So if you are considering an MCA degree, this list should end your worries about financial payback and job security. These emerging careers offer excellent salaries, potential market growth and most importantly – an exciting work life!

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