Human Resources/Corporate Training: Courses & Colleges

Human resources/corporate training careers focus on employee relations and developing staff talents and knowledge to increase worker satisfaction as well as company productivity and profits. Human resources professionals work with hiring and interviewing new employees, payroll, benefits and conflict resolution, and in some companies, training programs. Human resource specialists handle personnel matters across a range of industries, companies and agencies.

Studies in human resources explore business administration fundamentals such as accounting, economics, finance, organizational behavior and so on. Human resources training covers specific topics like health insurance, occupational safety and health regulations and business law. Classes may include psychology, sociology and cross-cultural communication. Corporate training studies could introduce you to educational psychology and technology, including applications for online training, multimedia and presentations.

Human resources and corporate trainers work in many different types of companies and organizations, from government agencies to startup enterprises. Human resources managers oversee numerous specialists in the HR departments in large corporations, whereas a small company may have one person dedicated to employee relations. Corporate training positions may require some additional education and experience; for example, trainers may teach employees how to use software programs or specialized equipment