Cloud Computing: Courses & Colleges

Cloud computing builds on the idea of shared resources and services delivered over a network. This technology allows people to store their family photos on the Internet for easy access and backup. Thanks to the cloud, companies can use software provided as an online service instead of buying and installing the programs on their own equipment. Businesses can retrieve information from remote databases, rather than setting up and maintaining their own systems.

Cloud computing courses build on the fundamentals of computer science, software development, systems engineering and information technology. Students of cloud computing typically explore cloud architectures, data center visualization, cloud application development, network security, converged networks, enterprise storage systems, cloud services and more.

Opportunities in cloud computing include computer security, network administration and application development. Information security specialists make sure that the data shared on the cloud remains safe yet available to the people who need it. Administrators oversee the servers, systems and networks in data centers and configure equipment as required. Software developers use their programming skills to design Web-based applications for cloud computing.