Information Systems: Courses & Colleges

The field of information systems includes the ways businesses and individuals store and share data, using technology such as databases and communication networks. Information systems specialists may design data storage and communication systems, as well as setting up and maintaining the necessary equipment. Professionals in this field focus on keeping data secure as well as available.

Information systems studies could include database development, management and integration. You may study Structured Query Language (SQL) for databases, or you may opt for programming languages used for Internet websites. Related courses cover data analysis, usability and computer security as well as real-world applications such as health informatics and business intelligence.

Information systems specialists may use their skills in different industries, for example, data analysts use sophisticated research techniques to “mine” data and retrieve information needed for corporate decision making. Computer systems analysts study an organization’s use of information technology, looking for ways to improve efficiency. Computer support specialists work with employees or customers who are having trouble with their systems. Also called tech support specialists, these workers use their knowledge of software and hardware to make sure that companies’ information systems run smoothly.