Film/TV/Radio Production: Courses & Colleges

Film/TV/radio production plays an important role in entertainment, journalism, professional sports, communications and marketing. Production specialists work with the technology and equipment needed to broadcast news programs or make motion pictures. Film producers and directors may work with videos, documentaries, short films, cartoons or feature films.

Training for film, TV and radio production includes courses in camera operation, lighting, sound engineering and video editing. Students learn about the electrical equipment used for broadcasts and recordings. Classes may be available in journalism, multimedia and communications programs. Film production classes could include computer graphics, visual effects, animation, cinematography and more.

Careers in film, TV and radio production include wide-ranging options such as producers, broadcast technicians, sound engineers and camera operators. These specialists may edit film or other media, or they may synchronize soundtracks with images. Multimedia producers may also work with corporate public relations and marketing; digital communications allow businesses to promote their products across the globe through online videos and social media.