Journalism: Courses & Colleges

Journalism involves the discovery and reporting of news and important events at the world, national and local level. The profession includes reporters for media ranging from the Web to newspapers, as well as other staff working on research, editing and production. Traditionally, journalists uncovered the news and shared the facts and their analysis with the public. With digital communications, people can now post their own instant commentary on current events as online blogs or tweets.

Journalism studies focus on communications, for example, writing, editing, public speaking, photography and video or film making. Classes in government, international relations, political science or public policy may also apply. Journalism courses may cover production techniques and technology for broadcasting or publishing.

Careers for journalists include reporters, correspondents and news analysts working for newspapers, magazines, websites, TV and radio. Reporters and correspondents do research on topics and conduct interviews, while photojournalists create a visual record of events to complement news stories. Journalists may specialize in an area such as sports or international politics, or they may choose a specific type of writing, such as editorials and opinion pieces.