Multimedia Communications: Courses & Colleges

Multimedia communications campaigns reach out to their audiences with a blend of different approaches, like music and video. Multimedia, also called rich content, may integrate text, audio, images and interactive features. Multimedia communications has a vast scope, for example, it may refer to online journalism, advertising, marketing, promotions or even social networking.

Multimedia communications courses cover a wide range of topics, from creative writing to graphic design to advanced digital photography. Technological basics include computer-aided design (CAD) programs, video editing tools and graphics imaging applications. You may also explore Web development, for example, the programming and scripting languages used in publishing content on the Internet.

Multimedia specialists work in industries like e-commerce, advertising, marketing, technology and entertainment. Careers include photojournalist, social media specialist and Web designer, depending on your qualifications. Web developers may create visual effects for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Multimedia communications projects often involve working both individually and with teams to meet clients’ needs.