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History Of Distance Education In India


Distance Education in India:

No wonder, Indian universities top the charts on the number of Distance Education courses at both undergraduate and post graduate levels. Most universities in India now have Distance Education programs offering a wide variety of courses.

The Indian government while realizing the need for distance education opened the prestigious Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in 1985, which offers students degrees widely accepted in the job market as any other recognized Distance Education course.

Since distance is no longer an impediment to pursue a course and complete them as most universities have study and examination centers in many cities, the interest in Distance Education is growing very rapidly in India and is expected to double up in the next decade. This Directory on Distance Education will serve the purpose of making it easy for students to choose courses in Distance Education along with full details on Universities offering them.

For instance a mere 30 years since its inception IGNOU has carved a niche for itself among the premier educational institutions in the country. The University has been a pioneer in Distance Education and the recipient of the Centre of Excellence in Distance Education award conferred by the Commonwealth of Learning in 1993.

IGNOU, New Delhi is a premier open university in India that has more 7,50,000 students with extremely varied profiles, spread throughout the length and breadth of the country. The University has an efficient and effective networking of 67 Regional Centers  and over 2667 Learners Support Centers, all over India and 29 overseas partner institutions. As an Open University, IGNOU has come a long way since 1985, having crossed national boundaries providing higher education as well as assisting other developing countries in this regard.

Similarly most universities of India also impart distance education to meet the growing demand. There is a rapid increase in the number of institutes offering distance education due to its advantages to the learners and the teachers too. Our team in NNE has made endeavors for the benefit of our users in providing all possible information regarding distance education. In the due process we have tried our best to incorporate all the courses of all the major universities and institutions offering distance education. The task has never been easy but we have left no stone unturned in giving a total package for our users.

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