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IGNOU Distance Education


IGNOU – The Indira Gandhi National Open University named after the ex-Prime Minister of India- Late. Smt. Indira Gandhi is the world’s largest university. It was established in the year 1985 under an act of Parliament with the aim of delivering quality higher education, in various disciplines, through distance learning to three categories of students:

  • Those who reside in remote areas and do not have access to the higher education.
  • Those who cannot join regular courses due to financial and other constraints.
  • Professionals aspiring for additional qualification.

It has contributed significantly to the development of higher education in the country through the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode.

IGNOU is also known as the ‘People’s University’ and follows a learner-centric approach and has successfully adopted a policy of openness and flexibility in entry qualifications, time taken for completion of a program, and place of study.

The University has been successful in making courses available to long distance learners which are earlier limited to classroom studies only like engineering and technology, B.Ed, health, nursing and library and information science.

The educational programs imparted by the IGNOU are considered at par with the education provided by any other recognized institute of the country. Approximately 1.5 million students in India are presently being enrolled in the various programs of IGNOU.

The number surges if one adds the foreign students who are enrolled in its program through International Cell. At present, 35 countries are the takers of its undergraduate, post graduate and certificate programs.

IGNOU- the apex body of education to promote and maintain standards of distance education in and around the country is recognized as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), which offers Executive Management program in India and utilizes IGNOU as a platform for the conduct of CEMAT Entrance Examination and management training.

Currently, IGNOU offers 338 programs of study through over 3,500 courses to cumulative student strength of over 30 lakh students. For latest updates on IGNOU courses, click here. 

IGNOU has the following Eleven Divisions to take care of various activities.

  • Academic and Coordination Division
  • Administrative Division
  • Construction and Maintenance
  • Computer Division
  • Finance and Accounts Division
  • International Division
  • Library and Documentation Division
  • Material Production and Distribution
  • Planning and Development Division
  • Regional Services Division
  • Student Registration and Evaluation

IGNOU Programs

The programs are offered by the University at the following levels: doctorate; masters and bachelors degree programs; post-graduate and under-graduate diplomas; and certificates. These include Education, Agriculture,Engineering and technology, performing and visual arts, journalism etc. Info on some top IGNOU programs can be accessed here.

IGNOU Admission

  • IGNOU conducts its programs less than two sessions -the July session and the January session. Click Here for important details on admission dates.

IGNOU Schools

IGNOU has various schools of studies like School of Management Studies, School of Humanities, School of Social Work, School of Education and School of Commerce. Click Here for the list of schools in IGNOU.


You can download your admission form, re-evaluation form, re-registration form, term-end examination form from this section. Click Here for the relevant forms.

IGNOU Regional and Study Centres

The list of important study centers and regional centers are given in this page. Click Here for the list of study centers and regional centers in India and abroad.

IGNOU Assignments

IGNOU assignments are very crucial for students. One has to submit a fixed number of assignments before they become eligible for term end examinations. Click here for the latest IGNOU assignments.

IGNOU Question Papers

Click Here for previous years’ question papers. Download the relevant question papers for preparation.

Contact Info:

IGNOU (TELEPHONE EXCHANGE) 29571000 (Telephone Exchanage)

Indira Gandhi National Open University


Maidan Garhi
New Delhi – 110068

Important Contact & Telephone Nos. are given below

  • IGNOU Helpline For General Enquiry
    Ph: 29535924-32, 29535062-65, 29534976, 29533647, 29535927, 29534397, 29536609, 29536667, 29536975, 29532964, 29534326, 29533767, 29533790, 29536980(EPABX)

  • General Information On Academic Programs
    Ph: 29532321
    Fax: 29536588

  • Student Queries
    PH: 29533869-870

  • Material Production And Distribution Division
    Ph: 29533858
    Fax: 29535083

  • Regional Services Division
    Ph: 29532118, 29534492, 29532063, 29535115
    Fax: 29533062

  • Student Registration & Evaluation Division
    PH:29532482, 29535828, 29535027, 29535438, 29536103, 29536743
    Fax: 29534429

  • Electronic Media Production Centre
    Ph: 29532163, 29532164, 29533065

  • Computer Division
    Ph; 29533723, 29532199, 29534005

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