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Ways of Reducing Exam Stress


When exams are looming most students feel the crunch in a big way. However, there are ways to help them take the pressure off. To help you keep away exam stress and exam anxiety, NNE has come up with some tips. The tips for reducing exam pressure and overcoming exam fear are drawn from everyday habits and lifestyle of people. Some of these tips to stay calm during exams are known to us, while some may be new. Read on to learn more about different tips to reduce exam stress.

Exercise is a great stress buster

Even if you don’t go to the gym or do anything strenuous, a walk around the neighborhood or a 15-20 minute ride would do wonders would be good for your body and mind.

Herbal teas are very calming.

Try a drop or two of lemon with your tea or a touch of honey. Chamomile tea is particularly soothing to the nerves (and helps calm butterflies in the stomach).

A breath of fresh air

Sometimes when our brain is overloaded with facts, we begin to feel sluggish (inside and out). Remember our brains can only process only one information at a time. If you think that you are overloaded with too much of information, stop and take a break. Move out and inhale fresh air. Breathe in deeply.

Music soothes the soul

Put on your favorite CD, sit back, and relax. Listen to good music. Whatever music you think is fine. The main aim is to divert your mind form studies.

Television and/or movies is always good

You don’t have to save all entertainment for post exam time. You should be true to your own self-.Don’t study when you don’t fell like studying .Instead of ending your evening with one more page, put the books down and turn on the television. Watch your favorite soap or if television is not your thing, watch a movie before bedtime.

Be creative

Are you a poet, painter, a whiz at needlepoint or perhaps a candle maker? Whatever your hobby, take time away from exam stress to enjoy your creative flair. Free writing is a great outlet for me when I’m stressed. If you are gifted with, a creative side put it to good use!

Take your vitamins and eat a balanced diet

Drink lots of water as well and take your vitamins (especially B vitamins for energy) in order to ward off post exam illnesses. I knew a girl who used to get sick after every set of exams, year after year. Don’t let this cycle of stress followed by sickness strike you! Havea balanced diet.

Take care of yourself

You need to relax as much as you can right now. If you find yourself experiencing stiffness or pain in your neck, upper or lower back, try one of these two things for relief. Relax in a soothing bath (try some aromatherapy candles to accompany your bath- lavender and vanilla are both very calming). Epsom salts help ease tension on the body as well and are a good addition to any bath. Another idea is to get a massage. Both are highly recommended.

Talk out loud

Not a diehard exam stress buster but a way to feel more confident about your subject material is to read your work aloud. It may sound strange but certain work can be absorbed better if you hear it spoken aloud.

Even when the pressure is on to ace, your exams take time for yourself and lighten up a bit. Then go in that exam room and make it happen! Glowing grades here you come!

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