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Engineering programs in India are undoubtedly the most sought after programs in India. Engineering degree is offered at the both undergraduate and postgraduate level. There is tremendous scope of research in engineering as well. Engineering degrees can offer vast variety of career opportunities, with graduates in demand in almost every sector of the economy. Though we are more aware of the traditional engineering courses like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, new engineering courses have also gained immense popularity in India. You can also opt for diploma or certificate programs in engineering as well. The engineering programs are offered in the IITs, NITs, in central universities and many private engineering colleges as well.


  • Bachelor of Engineering
    Bachelor of Engineering (commonly abbreviated as BE or BEng) is an undergraduate academic degree awarded to a student after four years of studying engineering at universities in India. A Bachelor of Engineering degree will usually be undertaken in one field of engineering such as B.E (Elec) and B.E (Aero), B.E.(Computers) and so on. Bachelor of Engineering degree is awarded to a student who has completed four years course (eight semesters) in engineering. The entry to B.E is 10+2 years of schooling or completion of Pre University course (PUC). Diploma holders in engineering are also eligible for entry into B.E. Diploma holders of engineering enter degree course, by lateral entry which gives some concessions in study of subjects. The B.E degree is awarded by the university in field of engineering in which student has studied for four years. Some of the universities in India award BTech i.e. Bachelor of Technology instead of B.E for same engineering course. The Indian Institutes of Technology also known as the IITs were the first institutions in Asia to award the BTech degree. 
  • Masters in Engineering
    A postgraduate program in engineering or technology leads to either the Master of Engineering (M.E) or Master of Technology (M.Tech.) degree, and is used to specialize within an engineering branch or field. M.E/M.Tech are considered to be parallel to M.Phil and M.S degrees in Humanities and Science respectively. It is of two year duration program. A candidate must have passed the Bachelor’s Degree Examination in the appropriate branch of engineering (Electrical/Mechanical /Electronics & Communication /Civil /Production/ Control & Instrumentation/Computer Engineering) from the recognised University. 
  • Diploma Programs
    Diploma in Engineering is a specific academic program usually given in technical/vocational courses e.g. Engineering, Pharmacy, and Designing. Diploma Engineering programs are held in Polytechnic institutes recognized by respective State Boards of Technical Education. The minimum qualification for admission to diploma programmes in Engineering should be a pass in the 10+ (Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination) with a minimum aggregate of 60 per cent marks in Science and Mathematics in a single sitting. The duration of Diploma programme in Engineering will be not less 3 years, after 10th standard unless specified otherwise by the AICTE
  • Bachelor of Architecture
    Bachelors of Architecture, abbreviated as B. Arch is of 5 years duration and includes a one year of practical experience. The B. Arch degree prepares the theoretical foundation and gives some practical insight on which a student develops proficiency and functional accuracy. The apprenticeship must be done under a practicing architect. Subject content of B.Arch course includes architectural design (drawing and painting), acoustics, surveying and leveling, estimating and costing, methods of construction, materials management, history of architecture, draftsmanship, environmental planning, applied mechanics, structural designing, and computer applications. Some colleges teach architecture-related software packages such as AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max.

    Apart from the degree course in B.Arch, Diploma in architecture is also available in some institutes as either full time or part time. It will take seven years to complete the part-time diploma courses.
  • Research
    The doctoral degree (also referred to as a Ph.D.) is the highest degree awarded by any universities. It is done after an extensive program of study and research in a specialized subject. The degree signifies a capability to assimilate the most advanced and recondite level of knowledge in the subject. The degree is crowned with a doctoral thesis, which is expected to be a thorough and intensive contribution to a specialized subject based on original research and inquiry. This is a specialized program aimed at advanced engineering problem solving. The degree includes the preparation of a dissertation that poses a significant engineering problem and develops a solution.  Research requires putting in long and laborious hours of study at a microcosmic level on a specific subject. In this way, a doctoral degree is quite an antithesis of the master’s degree, which covers a broad range of subjects in a particular field of study.

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