IIM Ahmedabad Faculty

A distinctive feature of IIMA’s culture is faculty administration. The faculty structure is flat, with all faculty members reporting directly to the director. Faculty members head all major academic and most major non-academic activities. Chairpersonships are rotational and the seniority principle is not emphasized in appointing them. Chairpersons have few formal powers, and take decisions collectively. Faculty members have considerable freedom in deciding what to teach, what research to do, what contribution to make to management training, etc. within institutional norms.

The Director generally takes decisions in consultation with faculty members and faculty fora. Although planning and budgetary control systems exist, the primary modes of control are by missions and goals, professional self-control, and peer evaluation.

IIM Ahmedabad Placement

The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad is a reservoir of management professionals’ supplies. Huge number of recruiters- CEO’s and H.R. Managers, both from India and abroad visit IIM Ahmedabad, every year for appointing professionals at responsible positions in their respective companies. Placements at the Institute are handled entirely by the students. Even though the placements are spread over November to March, corporates gauge students throughout the year.

The companies that come to IIM Ahmedabad offer excellent remuneration in terms of salary etc. The placement process is just like a fest and makes headlines in newspapers and news channels. The high placement rate is one of the reason why IIM Ahmedabad makes first choice amongst CAT qualifiers. In 2016, 368 out of 383 students were placed in various companies in India and outside of India. Even in tough marketing conditions, students of IIM Ahmedabad were given top ranked placements.

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