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IIT Bombay - Introduction

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In 1946, a committee established by Government of India recommended to establish 4 technical institutes in India similar to that in the United States and Europe. The committee felt the need for such institutions to expand knowledge horizon and to follow the pace of changing socio – economic structure of the modern society. The government began planning for one such institution at Bombay in 1957 and the IIT Bombay was set up in 1958 at Powai with the cooperation of UNESCO and the then Government of USSR. 

The first batch of 100 students was admitted for training in sophisticated engineering technologies. Powai is a northern suburb of Mumbai. The UNESCO has offered 27 fellowships for training of Indian faculty members in USSR. Under the bilateral agreement of 1965, the USSR Govt. provided additional assistance to supplement the Aid Program already received by the Institute through UNESCO

Today, the IIT Bombay is recognized as one of the institutions of excellence for training and research in engineering sciences and several other academic disciplines. Since its establishment the institute has attained excellence in academics, infrastructure and faculty.


The institute is aiming towards producing leaders of the future and hence offers the best value education in humanities, sciences, engineering and other disciplines. The emphasis on the basic sciences removes to some extent the fear of rapid obsolescence, while studies in the Humanities help the students to interact more positively with the society in which he / she lives.

The Institute caters to the top class engineers, scientists and academicians who contribute towards enriching the countries economy by offering their excellent services for different task of the industry, society and nation.  

The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay seeks to establish traditions which will foster creativity and growth of excellence. The institute has the following broad objectives : 

  • To provide the best possible educational facilities for training bright students for the careers in technology and science.
  • To provide a creative atmosphere in which higher studies and research thrive both amongst the students and the faculty.
  • To organize a short intensive courses, conferences and seminars on current technological developments which will be of benefit to the surrounding community.
  • To provide research and development consultancy which will promote contact with and be of service to industries and to government and Civic Organizations.
  • To organize quality improvement programmes for faculty members from various engineering colleges.
  • To provide leadership in curriculum design and development.

IIT Bombay graduates are job creators instead of job seekers. The institute focuses in the development of enterprising skills in the learners through dedicated E-Cell, which trains about nitty-gritty of enterprising. The SINE (Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) is another initiative of IIT Bombay for developing entrepreneurial skills in the learners. The IIT Bombay is preferred recruitment destination; every year 100s of companies visits this paradise of learning for recruiting scientists, engineers and thinkers.

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