IIT Kanpur

The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur), the fourth sibling of IIT family was established in 1960 under the technical assistance of Kanpur-Indo American Programme – KIAP. The initiative was well supported with 9 leading American institutes. Under the Indo American programme, the faculty members from American institutes helped in setting up of academic programmes and development of laboratories for instruction as well as research.

The aim of the Institute is to provide meaningful education, to conduct original research of the highest standard and to provide leadership in technological innovation for the industrial growth of the country.

The Institute began its operation in 1959 from HBTI Kanpur campus with 100 students. Now the institute is situated in Kalyanpur few kilometers far from Kanpur Central and has its own sprawling residential campus in 420 hectares. The institutes’ residents comprises of 2255 undergraduate and 1476 postgraduate students, 309 faculty and more than 900 supporting staff. With the path breaking innovations in both its curriculum and research the IIT Kanpur is gaining a legendary reputation.

Halls of residence, faculty and staff houses and community buildings surround the central academic area to provide flexibility in movement and communication. The residential campus is planned and landscaped with a hope for environmental freedom. The Architectural design of IIT Kanpur is prepared by Mr.Achyut Kanvinde. The IIT Kanpur campus reflects cultural diversity of India.

IIT Kanpur offers various courses in different disciplines of sciences, engineering, management, and design etc at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degree level. Postdoctoral programs are also offered. Aspirants of different programs can get admission on the basis of score in entrance test like JEE, JAM etc. These tests are administered on the behalf of conglomerate of IITs and IISc.

Since its inception, the IIT Kanpur is striving for excellence in research and education. In meeting this challenge, the Institute has always been making special efforts to recruit talented faculty and admit brilliant students from all over the country by a careful selection process. The institute offers best facilities to its students and faculty members. Records of its past and present students, faculty members and alumni is awe-inspiring.

IIT Kanpur takes pride in developing individuals in all areas and not only in academics. Debates, technical skill competitions, various games activities are part of everyday life for residence of IIT Kanpur. The events like ‘techfest’ held at IIT Kanpur makes main news of different media both print and electronic.

IIT Kanpur also offers distance education programs and short-term courses. SURGE (Summer Undergraduate Research Grant for Excellence) is a unique opportunity offered at IIT Kanpur. Under this program, undergraduate program student do research under the guidance of senior researchers in different areas of different technologies. The IIT Kanpur takes care for the social and environmental security. The National Information Center of Earthquake Engineering at IIT Kanpur strives to gather and maintain data bank on Earthquake Engineering and makes all such data available to the interested professionals, researchers, academicians and others with an outlook to lessen earthquake disasters in India.

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