Journalism and Mass Communication: Spoilt for choice? Learn the difference and make a wise decision

Journalism and Mass Communication
Journalism or mass communication? Choose wisely!; Image Courtesy:

Spoilt for choice? With such a wide range of topics to choose from it can get a bit confusing when it comes to choosing a subject you like. But if it is media that is dear to you then there is a large list of courses in advertisement, mass communication and journalism that you can explore. Let’s start with understanding the difference between mass communication and journalism to make your choice easier.

As the name itself suggests, mass communication deals with a wider range of media to ‘communicate’ different stories, messages, facts or statistics to the public. Courses in advertising, film making, television, journalism, etc fall in this bracket. Journalism on the other hand is specific to delivering news to public through mainly two platforms, i.e. print media or electronic media. Print media or print journalism largely covers newspapers and magazines while electronic journalism is the reporting of news through television and radio.

Of course with a vast array of opportunities and ideas coming up nowadays, mass communication and journalism are further divided into a lot of different streams. So while choosing a course in these, keep your interests in mind and foray into this huge pool of opportunities.

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