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IBSAT 2016 | Last minute Prep Tips


Indian Business School Admissions Test (IBSAT) is a management entrance test conducted annually for admissions into the 9 campuses of the prestigious Indian Business School. The college has its campuses in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Pune, Dehradun and Jaipur.

The registrations for IBSAT closed on 9th December and the exam is scheduled to be held between 16 to 27 December 2016. With the exam dates so close, here are some last minute tips to keep calm and make sure your exams go smoothly.

IBSAT is a 2 hour computer based test with multiple choice questions. Before starting off, take a look at the exam pattern and sections on which the questions will be based in IBSAT 2016:

Quantitative Techniques,  Data Interpretation, Data Adequacy,  Vocabulary,  Analytical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension

Last minute and Exam to do's

With just 2 days left for the IBSAT 2016 exam to kick off, here are some helpful last minute tips that will make sure you be at your best during the exam.

1. Review your notes.


It is very obvious that every student no matter how much they try to avoid it, make some notes to help save precious time while revising. Reviewing your notes again and again before the exams helps you maintain a mindset of examination and you don’t have to flip through the pages of your big quants and data analysis books. Remember to go through some difficult topics of Quantitative techniques that you have marked, important data interpretation and adequacy questions and vocabulary words. It is okay if Reading Comprehension is skipped for a while during the last few days because the practice that you have done on your RC before usually stays with you till the end. However, if you find something that you might have to go back to, mark it initially and read again while revision.

2. Don’t start anything new.


It is just 2 days for the exams to start, just 48 hours to go and it is the time to recall all the hard work that you did over the past few months, as it will help you stay confident as you will know just what you are prepared for. Reading something new or understanding a new concept will consume all the precious time you have on your hand to make your subjects concrete. Not only that, you are not absolutely positive whether you will understand the topic completely, so wasting time on it won’t make sense. Just go through what you have done and everything will be smoothly dealt with.

3. It is okay.


You might start feeling blank on a particular topic, when you feel all that whatever you read isn’t up there anymore. You flip through the pages again and just 3 words into the sentence you remember the complete answer. This is something that happens before every exam be it entrances, our college or school. But don’t worry, my Biology teacher once said,
“If you are blank just before your exams, know that your brain is full of information and there is nothing more to take in. Instead your brain is exam ready to tackle any question thrown at you.”
Just before the exams, I like to believe in what he said.

4. Don’t forget to eat and sleep.


You don’t think Michael Phelps went into Olympics with sleep deprivation and half stomach, right? Most of the times we stay up late till the morning of the exam and forget to even have our breakfast. This does nothing but create a sense of nervousness and restlessness. We find ourselves coming across a single thought again and again, for all of this to end soon. But, know this, you have waited months for this exam, it is just hours to go for it to get over. So sleep well, wake up early, fresh and have a good light breakfast. You will feel much more calm and focussed.

5. Maintain a balanced environment

IBSAT 2016 4

During the exams, make sure you make an ideal environment for yourself. These are just regular to do’s but go a long way.

  • Take a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout your exam.
  • Keep all the things required in the exam, pencil, pen, paper (if permitted) so that you feel comfortable while answering the questions
  • Prepare your mind for the worst questions but answer the easy ones with equal concentration. Silly mistakes are to be avoided as much as possible.

6. Hard Work pays off

IBSAT 2016 3

No matter what happens in the exam, remember hard work always pays off. If you have worked hard on your quants and vocabulary, it is a fact that you will score well in those sections. If you have genuinely worked hard on your IBSAT preparations, you will get through to the further rounds, so don’t panic and don’t feel unsure of yourself. Be confident of your work and dive into the exams with energy!

Do all of these and you will come out of the exam feeling good and accomplished. No matter what the results are, you will be sure of one thing, in context of all the preparation that you did, you gave your best. If you are selected, which we are sure you will be, you will know it was enough. But if you are not selected, you will know how far you have to go. And in both cases, you come out learning something and so, everyone is a winner!

With this, go get your reading glasses on and ace the IBSAT 2016 exam!

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