What are the PMP Certification requirements?


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PMP or Project Management Professional certification is a professional designation that is offered by the Project Management Institute or PMI, a US-based “not-for-profit” organisation. PMI is into the research, development of professional standards, training/seminars, education, networking and publication, and accreditation towards multiple professional and theoretical subjects and skills that relate to project management. There are today more than 7,30,000 PMP certification holders that are globally recognised for their exceptional knowledge and skills related to the professional realm. The PMP certification training helps you get higher skills and expertise that contribute towards an increase in salary and position instantaneously

In order to become a PMP certified project manager, you will have to meet certain eligibility criteria. These relate to your academic education and qualifications, experience in handling the real-world projects and the professional training that you might have achieved towards gaining the project management skills.


You can be eligible for the PMP certification requirements via two eligibility paths, details of which are given below.


Path 1

  •  A secondary degree (may be a high-school diploma or an associate degree)
  •  7500 hours towards leading/directing real world projects
  • 35 hours towards attaining education in project management

Path 2

  •  A 4-year degree
  • 4,500 hours towards leading/directing projects
  • 35 hours towards attaining education in project management

The project management education signifies education towards the initiation, planning and execution of projects, and their controlling and monitoring.

Learning for the PMP exam

You can join an online instructor-led PMP certification training course at Koenig Solutions (may be of approx. 180-day duration) for getting educated and trained for the PMP exam. Alternatively, you can join a virtual academy to get access to learning content only. The fee will vary depending on the path you choose.

The PMP Training and Certification Exam

The PMP certification exam is based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guidelines, which are laid by PMI. The 4-hour duration exam is held at the Prometric testing centre, and you can easily find one near you, as these are located in many countries across the globe. The paper and pen examination option is also available at places where there are no Prometric centres close by. The exam examines 5 different project areas and domains including:

  •  Project planning
  •  Project initiating
  • Project execution
  • Project controlling and monitoring
  • Project closure

You cannot carry any books or reference material while attending the exam and have to answer 200 different questions. Checkouts some of the common Interview Questions and Answers for PMP.

Number of attempts

Each aspirant gets 3 attempts (each year) for passing the PMP project management certification exam, so do not get disheartened if you fail the first or even the second attempt. If you are getting trained and educated for the exam through a virtual (online) or real academy, you will be provided with a more customised study plan that will help you clear the exam in the next attempt. If you are studying by your own, you should read the test score and find out the areas where you lag expertise and should focus towards improving these.

Fee for the PMP Exam

If you buy the membership of PMI (costs $139), the fee towards the PMP exam is $405. For the non-members, the fee for the exam is $555.

The fee for retaking the exam is $ 275 for those who hold the PMI membership. For others, it is $375.


PMI also conducts a random audit on the applicant’s credentials. If your degrees and experience related credentials get audited, you will get a report. Those aspirants who produce fake or incorrect documents are not allowed to appear in the exam.

Renewal/maintenance of the PMP certification

In order to get your PMP certification renewed, you will have to earn 60 PDUs over a period of 3 years. The renewal fee is $60 for the PMI members and $150 for the non-members.

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