List of MBA Specializations in India - Top MBA Specializations and Streams

List of MBA Specializations in India - Top MBA Specializations and Streams

Planning to pursue an MBA but not sure which specialization to pick? We have compiled for you a comprehensive list of all the MBA specializations that are offered in MBA colleges in India. Going through these options would help you make an educated choice.

An MBA graduate usually possesses expertise in various aspects of business administration. Every day new avenues are being opened up in the world of business and companies look for individuals who possess the required skills and expertise to carry out the operations in those areas. This is where the importance of MBA specializations comes in. Being a student of MBA, you will have numerous options to choose from as your subject of specialization.

There are a variety of MBA specializations in India. Here is a brief account of a list of MBA streams in India:

MBA Streams in India

  1. Human Resource (HR) Management
  2. Finance Management
  3. Infrastructure and Real Estate Management
  4. Oil and Gas Management
  5. Tea Management
  6. Energy Management
  7. Entrepreneurship Management
  8. Telecom Management
  9. Retail Management
  10. Textile Management
  11. Sports Management
  12. Tourism Management
  13. IT Management
  14. Shipping Port Management
  15. Operations Management
  16. Risk Management
  17. Rural Management
  18. Brand Management
  19. Business Analytics
  20. Environment Management
  21. Biotechnology Management
  22. Business Process Management
  23. Logistics Management
  24. Production Management
  25. Product Management
  26. Strategic Management
  27. Supply Chain Management
  28. Marketing Management
  29. Knowledge Management
  30. Industrial Management
  31. Quality Management
  32. Hotel Management
  33. Hospital Management
  34. Facility Management
  35. Fashion Management
  36. Healthcare Management
  37. Export Management
  38. Event Management
  39. Communication Management
  40. Construction Management
  41. Customer Relationship Management
  42. Co-operative Management
  43. Dairy Management
  44. Design Management
  45. Disaster Management
  46. Project Management
  47. Luxury Management

a) Accounting Management:

This stream deals with the financial part of a business. It is about planning and implementing various financial measures. Monitoring the movements of assets and cash are also part of accounting management.

b) Telecom Management:

Telecom industry is growing at a rapid pace. This branch of management teaches you the various aspects and dynamics of the industry. It also offers training on various technical aspects of this field.

Retail Management

c) Retail Management:

The operations of the retail world are very complex. It involves logistics, marketing, administration, finance and other areas of operation. Retail Management teaches you the skills of handling all these areas. Retail management has become very popular over last couple of years.

d) Sports Management:

This is a relatively new concept. Sports Management is all about managing a club or a team. The person in charge should have the skills of marketing, public relations, advertisement and of course other managerial skills.

e) Tourism Management:

This is a new introduction in the field of management studies. With the tourism industry flourishing all over the world, it has become essential to have individuals who possess extensive knowledge on the subject. Tourism Management deals with transport, public relations, international business and hotel industry.

f) IT Management:

One of the most popular subjects of specialization. IT Management teaches you the various dimensions of Information Technology. It gives you an insight to all the wings of IT like software, hardware, networking etc.

Operations Management

g) Operations Management:

Operations Management, as the name suggests, deals with the entire operation of a business organization. Its scope includes purchase, marketing, finance, advertisement, public relations, sales and others.

h) Personnel Management:

Also known as human resource management, Personal Management is all about managing the best resources of any company, which is the human resource. It deals in human psychology, verbal and non verbal communications, stress management, anger management and other areas related to man power.

i) Sales Management:

Sales volume is the driving force for any company. Sales Management teaches you on various aspects related to sales; like advertisement, marketing, public relations etc. It would give you a comprehensive idea on how to conduct a sales project successfully.

j) Logistics Management:

This field of management is about handling the tangible assets and the products of a company. Logistic Management gives you an idea on how to schedule a supply, what are the various obstacles you might come across, how to get rid of them, etc. It is also known as supply change management.

Production Management

k) Production Management:

This field of management deals with the process of production. It gives you a detailed idea on the various aspects and requirements of production; for example, procuring raw materials, arranging labors and managing the site of production.

l) Marketing Management:

This is perhaps the oldest stream of specialization. Marketing leads to successful sales, so it is very important to have an overall idea about the marketing strategies and plans.

m) Hotel Management:

It requires a lot of managerial skill to run a hotel. There are numerous departments to handle. Hotel management gives you a comprehensive idea on the hospitality industry.

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