100 Universities Identified for Incorporating Supply Chain Management and Logistics courses

Nachiket Jamadar

Nachiket Jamadar

All India Council for Technical Education has identified over 100 universities from across the country for including relevant course modules related to supply chain management and logistics as a part of regular curriculums.

100 Universities Identified for Supply Chain Management and Logistics Courses

In a move aimed at creating sufficient courses and programs in the field of logistics and supply chain management for engineering students at undergraduate and postgraduate level, the AICTE has identified 100 universities from among its approved institutions to relevant course modules in regular curriculums.Vocational and online courses on logistics are also being developed for specialized training.

Task force formed

AICTE has formed a task force which will focus on developing and implementing technical and skilling courses with aid from premium institutions. Insufficient courses, inadequate systems for job role identification, competency mapping and curriculum approval are some of the issues that require attention.

An official said that the logistics sector employs nearly 22 million people and with the ongoing rise, it can see a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 10-12% by 2025 and the government prioritizes the development of Human Resources in this sector to achieve its 5 trillion USD economy target.


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National Logistics Policy being formulated

A National Logistics Policy is also being formulated by the Government and it is taking steps to cut logistics cost and boost competitiveness of business, manufacturing, exports and job creation. The cost of logistics in India today is around 14% of GDP and the target is to reduce it to less than 10% in the coming years.

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Ramnath S
Ramnath S
8 months ago

Excellent initiative taken by the Government.