Bus like Classrooms and Bottle like Water Tank in Rajasthan Schools

Nachiket Jamadar

Nachiket Jamadar

Government senior secondary schools in Alwar district’s Sahodi Village have got a facelift with classrooms in the shape of a bus, water tanks in the shape of a water bottle and much more.

Rajasthan school facelift

Admissions in  government senior secondary schools in Sahodi village of Alwar district, Rajasthan have been increasing after the schools got a facelift with classrooms made in the shape of a bus, water tank in the shape of a water bottle, a selfie point and pictures of books and pencils all over the walls.

As the students and parents were left fascinated, it was also observed that the enrolment has increased by two times in the last two years along with a remarkable increase in cleanliness, discipline and improvement in the learning environment.

With the help of contributions from local groups apart from the government, these schools have created their own unique learning environment with their designs in turn generating interest among children leading to increased enrolments.

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The principal of the Sahodi government school said that the school building was not in good shape. As the charm of the building is one of the major attractions, the walls were painted attractively and the water tank was shaped like a bottle.

Sahgah foundation and Villagers undertook the renovation

The Sahgah foundation spent over 40 lakh rupees for the renovation and the villagers pitched in to help in the successful renovation of the school. The school was awarded for cleanliness at the state-level on August 5 this year.

Several schools following the model

Many other schools from various districts such as Dholpur, Chittorgarh and Pali have replicated this idea and classrooms have been painted to look like buses, trains, ships etc along with inspirational quotes and quick learning methods being used.

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