AIR - 9 In JEE Advanced Exam Mahit , Lives In A Mantra "I Will Not Falter"

AIR 9 In JEE Advanced Exam Mahit Lives In A Mantra I Will Not Falter

On Sunday, 18-year-old Mahit Gadhiwala from Surat ranked 9th in the JEE (Advanced) Common Merit List. The son of a dentist couple, Gadhiwala has always wanted to pursue a BTech degree. Gadhiwala scored 285 out of 360 on the IIT entrance test.

Mahit Gadhiwala from Surat recently gave an interview to IndiaToday Education, in which he talked about his preparation journey for the JEE Advanced exam, what strategies he used, and how he was able to score so well.”I am very satisfied with my overall result in JEE Advanced. It seems that all the 3 years of hard work have given me an unexpected and fruitful outcome,” Gadhiwala said.

“For the past three years, I have been studying JEE Advanced with the help of my parents and Allen Surat. I covered theory, answered plenty of questions, and gave many test series”, says Mahit.I used to wake up at 7 in the morning and do exercise for an hour to stay physically and mentally fit. In the morning, I usually had my classes and after that I used to do self-study. For relaxation, I used to watch a movie or TV series for 40-45 minutes every day.

When asked about any hardships he faced during his entire 3-year journey, he replied that there were always ups and downs, but the major challenge was keeping discipline throughout the whole process.”I wasn’t on social media much when I was preparing for the exam. I used Whatsapp to clear up any doubts I had, and besides that, I just watched YouTube videos for fun. The rest of the time, my schedule was so tight that I didn’t really have time for anything else,” said Gadhiwala.

In spite of the challenging paper, he maintained his morale, thanks to the “main jhukega Nahi…” attitude he picked up from the blockbuster movie Pushpa.
Mahit is confident enough for his future studies now after securing AIR 9 and wants to fulfill his dream of studying computer science engineering at IIT Bombay.


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