An Education Trade Mission By US Commerce Department Will be on a 5 day Visit To India

An Education Trade Mission by US Commerce Department will be on a 5 day visit to India

The US Commerce Department is in India on a 5-day Education Trade Mission to promote collaboration between Indian and American institutes of higher education. The mission will visit Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bengaluru, and will start today and continue till Friday.

The new education policy promises some sweeping reforms in the Indian education sector, and the visit will help to provide a boost to these plans. The policy aims to aggressively expand India’s higher education system, including research, experiential learning, and internationalization of the curriculum. This will help to make India a more attractive destination for international students.

“The U.S.-India higher education trade mission will focus on creating new partnerships and strengthening the existing, strong bonds between our two countries,” said Charge d’Affaires Patricia A. Lacina.

Three additional members who specialize in educational technology and services will join the delegation in exploring how they could provide their world-class capabilities to India. The participants of the delegation will also have direct meetings with representatives of India’s higher educational institutes, student recruiting agents, and other important stakeholders in the Indian education sectors. The meetings are aimed at facilitating the delegation to have first-hand knowledge about the sector and hear directly from the people involved. This will help the delegation get a better understanding of the Indian education sector and what they can do to improve their own education systems.

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