CAT 2022: Exam On November 27, Check Other Details Here

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More than a lakh candidates will appear for the Common Admission Test (CAT) on November 27, 2022. As CAT 2022 will be conducted in three different sessions and will have varying levels of difficulty across the sessions, the scores of candidates will be subject to a process of normalisation to ensure fairness and equity in comparison to the performances of candidates across different test sessions.

The CAT 2022 normalization process will help to ensure that score distribution across different forms are fair and comparable. After CAT 2022 normalization has been completed, the CAT scores will be further normalized across different sections. The CAT-scaled scores that are generated by this process will be converted into percentiles to shortlist.

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To calculate the percentile score for each candidate who appeared in the CAT exam, follow these steps:

  • First, calculate the total number of candidates (N) who appeared for CAT.
  • Then, assign a rank (r) to all candidates based on the scaled scores they obtained in the QA section. In the case of two or more candidates obtaining identical scaled scores in the QA section, assign identical ranks to all those candidates.
  • Next, calculate the percentile score (P) of a candidate with rank (r) in the QA section as follows: P = [(N − r)/N] x 100
  • Lastly, round off the calculated percentile score (P) of a candidate up to two decimal points.

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CAT Last Year Paper Analysis

Out of the many who appeared for CAT last year, the difficulty level for Slot 1 was moderate, with easy questions from the quantitative section. In contrast, the DILR section was a bit tricky, and the comprehension section was lengthy.

The DILR (Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning) section in Slot 2 was, as per candidates, a bit tricky, while the comprehension section was lengthy.

The candidates who appeared in slot 3 (evening shift) reviewed the paper as balanced with equal weightage given to every section. While the Quantitative Aptitude and DILR sections were easiest, the comprehension section was lengthy.

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