CAT Preparation Tips & Tricks: Know How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude And Reading Comprehension

To excel in the country’s premier aptitude test CAT and come out with flying colours, a student should have conceptual knowledge in each test area and should also develop a strategy to face the exam. So here are some tips to ace CAT exam.

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It is the right combination of knowledge, approach, and skill which can help a candidate to be ready for the exam.

Quantitative Aptitude (QA): QA being the most challenging section to crack in CAT is the general apprehension among most of the candidates . The reasons why Quant can be the toughest section to crack are varied. Most students have good grasp of fundamentals but when an application based question comes they are all at sea. Most students also have a problem with time management.

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Some don’t have raw speed of formulation and calculation. Whatever be your tale of woe, remember that your percentile score is fully dependent upon your ability to segregate the doable questions as per your strength along with the optimization of speed and accuracy.

The test makers of CAT are experienced enough. They are master of the art of mixing up easy and difficult questions. When you take the CAT, you will find that there are few absolutely easy questions that even 8th or 9th standard students can solve. You will also find the questions that are extremely tough in time bound scenario.

This is not done to identify and select the math majors !! The reason there is a mix of questions of varying difficulty level is that it reflects real life situations. But, given that you have deadline, you must pick and target the lowest hanging fruits(easy questions).

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