CBSE Board Class 6th: Issues Clarification Over 'Casteist' Varna System Image and Text in Class 6 History Book

Recently, CBSE has been called out for having casteist varna system text and image in its CBSE class 6 History book. However, CBSE has released a clarification over this viral text on Twitter.

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As per the recent updates, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) class 6th History book has been in news for allegedly having casteist content. Thus viral image text on Varna System has been criticized by the public and many political parties as well. Soon after this went viral on social media, CBSE took to Twitter and issued a clarification over allegations that it has included a ‘casteist’ text, in the Class 6 History textbook. The CBSE stated that the text has been wrongfully attributed to CBSE. The students and other readers must note that CBSE does not publish any textbooks for schools across the country. 


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Clarification by CBSE Over ‘Casteist’ Varna System Text in Class 6 History Book 

To one of the tweets on the issue, CBSE replied stating, “The class 6 History textbook containing topics on Varnas has been wrongly attributed as published by CBSE. This is factually incorrect. It is clarified that CBSE does not publish History textbooks, thus the matter does not relate to CBSE.” 

Image of Text in Class 6 History Book 

One of the users of Twitter shared the chapter’s page about the Varna System that went viral. As mentioned in the book, that particular chapter stated that Brahmins were priests and teachers, Vaishyas were traders, warriors were the Kshatriyas, craftspeople, landowners and Shudras were the labourers and served the other three varnas. Check the tweet below –  

Who are not even considered human according to the four Varna

Who Published CBSE Class 6th History Book? 

As CBSE clarified that it is not a publisher of textbooks across the country, and the board role’s is to release exam and affiliation guidelines. Apart from this CBSE has suggested schools and government to use the book and follow the curriculum developed by NCERT. However, the image of the book that went viral has been published by XSEED Education. It is a private publishing house based out of Singapore.  


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