Delhi Skills and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU) Has Partnered With Hero Electric For A Skill Development Programme In the EV Sector

Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University DSEU has partnered with Hero Electric for a skill development program in the EV sector.

The Department of State for Environment and Universities (DSEU) and the World Resources Institute India (WRI India) have partnered with Hero Electric to provide internships and placements for students upon completion of a technical course. This co-created program will provide students with a world-class learning experience in the electric mobility industry, and jointly certify them upon course completion.

The program will cover various aspects of EVs through an in-depth curriculum and exposure. Furthermore, Hero Electric will assign a technical expert to facilitate the Curriculum Advisory Group (CAG) formed by DSEU by leveraging the company’s expertise and supporting DSEU’s strategy of providing a comprehensive education to students. The EV mechanics training program is the first step of many that the Delhi Government is taking to establish the city as the training hub of India’s EV workforce.

Jasmine Shah, Vice Chairperson of DDC Delhi, said, “The program has laid the foundation for the creation of thousands of green jobs in Delhi. Rolling out this much-needed training program fulfills two major priorities of the Delhi Government: creating new opportunities for our residents and making our city more sustainable.” The partnership between DSEU and Hero Electric will help establish ‘EV laboratories’ on the DSEU campus that will be equipped with the latest technology and equipment to provide students with practical, hands-on training in electric vehicle development.

This collaboration will also facilitate visits to industrial settlements and help organize workshops and seminars that will impart real-world practical knowledge to students. The partnership between DSEU and Hero Electric will push new frontiers in the EV industry and open up new avenues and job opportunities in the developing field of electric mobility.

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