JC Schools Notice Change In Advanced Placement Class Participation

Jefferson City Superintendent Bryan McGraw stands next to a neon “District of Champions” sign that hangs over his desk. McGraw said the motto is intended to encourage excellence in all areas, which includes preparing students for college with Advanced Placement courses.

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The number of Advanced Placement courses is surging at JC Schools, and more students than before are passing their AP exams, Superintendent Bryan McGraw said.

AP courses are college-level courses taught in high schools. Students in the class can take an end-of-year exam that can earn them college credit for the class, scored on a scale of 1-5.

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McGraw has overseen a concerted effort to increase AP offerings in the Jefferson City School District and increase student participation. His goal as a new superintendent has been to create a “District of Champions,” which includes academic success and college readiness.

“I think when you look at our strategic plan, we want to have kids career- and college-ready, and this is a way of getting them college-ready,” he said.

Currently, JCHS offers Pre-AP World History and English I for freshmen and English 2 for sophomores. In total, 900 students are enrolled in AP classes between both high schools. That means about 35 percent of students are currently taking at least one AP course, though many take more than one.


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