The CUET UG 2022 Result - The Method To Calculate "Equipercentile"

The CUET UG 2022 Result The Method To Calculate Equipercentile

Many students are concerned about their results after the CUET UG 2022 result was declared late on Thursday night. The equipercentile method, which was used to normalize scores, is worrying some students. Here’s what it means.

To calculate the normalized marks of each candidate, we use the percentiles of each group of students who appeared for the same subject but on different days in a given session. This ensures that the evaluation is fair and that the same scale is used for all candidates regardless of the session they have appeared in. This makes their performance comparable across the different sessions.

The CUET scorecard contains both the percentile and the normalized marks of the student in each subject. The percentiles indicate the relative performance of a student among a set of students who wrote the test in a given shift in a subject.”Using the equipercentile method, the percentiles of the students are converted into normalized marks taking into account the difficulty levels of multiple sessions. The difficulty levels vary from session to session in the same subject,” said UGC chairman M Jagadesh Kumar.

“It’s possible that on the CUET scorecard, you might see that in one subject, the percentile is higher than the normalized marks, and in another subject, the percentile is lower than the normalized marks,” he explained. “Students shouldn’t worry about these differences, because the CUET normalization formula was decided by a panel of experts from the Indian Statistical Institute, IIT Delhi, and Delhi University. Universities can use these normalized marks for preparing the rank lists for admissions,” he added.

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