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Best Photography Schools In India To Sharpen Your Skills

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They say – a picture is worth a thousand words. Weaving a story through your lens and making it look come alive is a talent not many people have. If you think you are blessed with this skill/talent, then you should enhance it with the help of top photography colleges in India.

While many colleges in the country offer photography courses of all kinds, the top five colleges have been listed below.

Pearl Academy

India’s leading fashion, design and media institute, Pearl Academy offers contemporary and fashion photography courses as apart of their weekend course program. The 11-month certificate course provides industry-relevant education for the students and provides them with practical knowledge within the spectrum of photography. With their expert faculty, the college aims to achieve this feat and set the standard of photography high. The course has been designed specifically for people who are caught up in their 9-5 jobs and are unable to pursue their passion. The students get access to the labs and studios to work on their photography skills along with the experts of the industry mentoring them. Star photography faculty like John Edwards and Rohit Dhingra provide valuable practical knowledge and insights to the students.

Pearl offers two types of photography courses :

Contemporary Photography

Fashion Photography

You can check about these future ready courses in detail on Pearl Academy’s official website.

Delhi College of Photography

A pioneer photography college, Delhi College of Photography is located near Kingsway Camp North Campus, New Delhi. The college offers various courses in photography right from wildlife photography to advanced and contemporary photography. With an innovative approach in teaching, the college provides photography courses with well-equipped labs and studios for the students not only in photography but also film-making. The college arranges frequent workshops by the renowned faculty for the students to get the experience of the real world and help students learn at a world platform.

Light and Life Academy

As the name suggests, the academy believes in light and life and functions as a modern gurukul. Claiming to be the exact balance of a school and home, Light and life academy offers full-time photography courses and believes in nourishing the skills of the students by giving them classes outside of the classroom. Light & Life Academy has been supported by, Kodak India, Eastman Kodak USA, LMW- Coimbatore, Calumet-USA, Photoquip-India, ZenTask-India, Gretag Imaging-Switzerland.

Asian Academy of Film and Television

The academy offers a course in still photography apart from a post-graduate diploma in still photography and Journalism. The course provides still photography classes to the students who want to enhance their skills in photography along with various other things like writing long-form captions for the photographs, writing the news content. The course is a judicious mix of theory and practice is required for developing the skills and knowledge required for photojournalism. Students also get a chance to shoot in professional photography studios and all their shots are recorded to show a reel of their work at the end of their diploma.

Indian Institute of Photography

Photography is more about practice than theory, and this is what Indian Institute of Photography believes in. They impart more practical based knowledge to their students than the theoretical one. The institute aims to take photography online and within reach of all people irrespective of their age, country or religion. Founded to boost the morale of aspiring photographers in India and provide them a platform to nurture their skills, Indian Institute of Photography offers both online and on-ground courses to the students.

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