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How D Pharmacy Courses Can Boost Your Career


There is a steady increase in the health care services, making the field of pharmacy escape the blunt of recession. Hence, the field of pharmacy has long term scope. According to Equity Master’s 2018 report, India’s pharmacy market is the 13th largest in terms of value and 3rd largest by volume. India also ranks on the top for being the largest provider of generic drugs globally, the Indian generic accounts for a whopping 20 percent of global exports when it comes to volume.

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D.Pharma is more noticeable as compared to B.Pharma as it is the newest kid on the block with pharmacists playing a substantial role in healthcare. It is safe to say that a career in pharmacy is an extraordinarily viable and fruitful one. The ginormous size of the industry and jobs make it a highly sought-after course in India.

If you are someone who has a keen interest in science, healthcare, research, and technology, then pharmacy is just the course for you. There is a common rumor amongst the masses that pharmacists can only work in dispensaries or medical shops, it is baseless. There are many career paths that you can pursue after the completion of your D.Pharmacy course.

Career After D. Pharmacy Course

    • Pharmacist

While there are various opportunities in the private sector as a pharmacist, there are also extremely promising ones in the government sector. You can apply for a competitive exam and bag permanent employment with the government that too, with an attractive salary package. You could be working with Railways and hospitals like AIIMS or Safdarjung.

    • Bank Jobs

After the completion of your D. Pharmacy course, you are not bound to just the medical field. If you want to widen your horizon of employment, you can also apply for competitive bank jobs in the government sector. You can give entrance exams such as, Bank PO, State PSC, and SSC. If you do get through, you get government benefits, pension, and a well-paying salary.

    • Hospice/Palliative Care Professional

The people that require hospice and palliative care continue to grow in numbers. To be hospice and palliative caregiver, you don’t only need a degree in pharmacy but also need to have high levels of empathy. You’d have to continually make sure that your patients receive the best, safest and the most effective care on time.

    • Medical Underwriter

A career as a medical underwriter isn’t a traditional or a conventical field, but it is a promising one. After the completion of your D. Pharmacy course, you can undertake medical writing as a viable career field. This career requires knowledge in the fields of pharmacology, human anatomy, and medical terms.  Some of the responsibilities are of being a medical scribe, coder, and writing transcriptions and documents related to medicine. You also get paid well if you get placed with a reputable organization.

Along with the careers mentioned above, you can also opt for further studies. After the completion of your D. Pharmacy course, you can pursue B. Pharma and get lateral entry straight into 2nd Year. Many universities offer D. Pharmacy courses to students, but it is crucial to choose the top university to graduate from. One of the best universities that provide a blend of theory along with practical classes for pharmacy is UPES. Such universities have the best faculty that not only has on-field experience but is also updated with the latest information regarding medicine.

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