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How Pearl Academy Is Striving to Capture the Heart and Soul of Mumbai

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Since its inception in 1993, Pearl Academy has grown into one of the most prominent and sought-after educational institutes in the country. Pearl Academy’s standout feature is its unique method of imparting education in the avenues of fashion, design, and media. It follows three fundamental philosophies for education – intuition, creation, and inventiveness. Their ultimate aim is to drive new-age educational practices by promoting continuous innovation, delivering high-quality learning standards, and facilitating an engaging learning process. 

Pearl Academy’s Delhi campus is the largest and the oldest campus, generally regarded as a high-level centre of learning. However, the Mumbai campus is also growing into an attractive avenue for students. It’s a city that is infused with creativity and imagination in the fields of design, fashion, and media – the flagship sectors of learning at Pearl. Commonly referred to as the ‘Hollywood of India’ and the hub of artists & innovation, Mumbai is home to the famed Indian film industry, and its culture as a city cultivates a creative streak which enhances the presence of the fashion and design industry.

Mumbai consists of some of the most diverse cultures and traditions from all over the world, ranging from upper-class stock market specialists to youngsters honing their rap skills in the lanes of the city. It’s a place that seems to be a hub for all types of residential situations – be it high-rise luxury apartments or a tiny 1-bedroom flat sheltering a family of 4. The city is bursting with colour and culture, serving as a strong inspiration for students wishing to pursue a career in fashion, design, or media. 

As emphasised before, the presence of the raging film industry plays an essential role in shaping the nature of the city. All top-notch production houses and television channels are headquartered in Mumbai. Pearl identifies this exponentially growing outlets of creativity and aims to provide students with the ideal launch pad to succeed in this diverse city. The industries of filmmaking, acting, modelling, and video animation/editing will amplify in the coming years, making it crucial for students to attain the right education and exposure. Students at Pearl are encouraged to visit global film festivals and attend foreign exchange programmes across Europe. This helps one understand the application of media on a global level and then subsequently inculcate them in real-world situations. Avenues such as digital advertising and PR have also boomed in recent years in the city.

It is essential to throw light on the massive influence the film industry has on the fashion trends in the country, which has eventually led to Mumbai being considered as the fashion pinnacle of the country. Successful films and actors end up curating huge cult followings which, in turn, leads to celebrities becoming icons of style, fashion, and behaviour. Superstars of the industry such as Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan have well-established fashion brands that sell products all over the country. Similarly, indigenous fashion brands capitalise on the popularity of phrases, scenes, and characters of breakthrough movies, inculcating these references in the fashion apparel industry. Film, television, and fashion icons set definitive style trends in India, which is why it makes sense to start your career in this vibrant city. Pearl offers a plethora of fashion courses in their Mumbai campus so that students can understand and imbibe the vibe & style of the city quickly into their career. 

While Mumbai is considered the fashion capital of India, Pearl also provides students with the opportunity to learn in the fashion capital of the world, Milan. The institute has a tie-up with Domus Academy of Fashion in Milan for exchange programmes. This allows students to soak in the aspects of global fashion and help them integrate this knowledge in their creative processes.

Mumbai is called the City of Dreams for a reason. Individuals can enter nearly every avenue of business in this city, which is engulfed in multiple cultures and traditions. It is home to some of the largest and most lucrative industries of India, serving as the perfect city for students to grow in. A student with a diploma from Pearl Academy’s Mumbai campus can definitely look forward to learning from the best and becoming a specialist in any one of the buzzing sectors of this city.

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