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How The RICS School of Built Environment Is Helping Its Students Become Better Project Managers


If you’re looking for a relaxing career, go for project management.’ – said no project manager ever.

While a highly rewarding career, the work of a construction project manager involves juggling between a lot of things. This includes changing orders, working on unexpected issues, and meeting the expected qualities and budgets. With the construction industry steadily advancing, there is a rising need for high-quality project managers. In this era of technology, built environment is also evolving dynamically.


What do we mean when we say ‘high-quality project managers’?

High-quality project managers are those that can handle any task that is placed before them. They find cost-savings without compromising on the quality of the projects, keep up with the pre-defined budgets and timelines, and finish the projects smoothly before the proposed deadline.

The reason why some project managers stand out from the rest is that they have mastered essential education and technical skills, which are required to handle such a stressful yet rewarding job.

This is where the education provided by RICS School of Built Environment comes into play. With an aim to become a world-class academic institution, RICS SBE is on track to help its students turn into high-quality project managers.

How does the institution achieve that?

An internationally-renowned array of faculty

One of the major highlights of pursuing higher education from RICS SBE is the presence of expert faculty members across different fields of specialisation. This expertise stems from the fact that the faculty members are carefully chosen, keeping in mind two aspects:

  1. The pedigree of the institution from where they received education
  2. Their overall experience and level of expertise

The combination of these two points allows the educators at RICS SBE to facilitate a learning ambience that provides incredibly valuable learning opportunities for the students.

This personalised level of learning is illustrated by one of the alumni, Vivek Dutt, who stated, “I had faculty walking in straight from their corporate office wherever they are working, to our classroom to take a lecture, after which they’d go right back to attend a client meeting. Now, that’s something… they set expectations right, give you live examples, and discuss the business. In my batch, we used to respect our faculty since they educated us with a beautiful mix of academia and industry.”

Attain a globally-accredited degree

The Construction Project Management degree offered by RICS SBE is a globally-accredited degree, backed by the professional body of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, UK. This will prove to be incredibly helpful further down the line when you wish to embark on a lucrative and secure career path in the domain of project management.

A RICS accredited degree is synonymous with the highest quality of education, benchmarked as per international standards in education and teaching, and is therefore valued immensely globally. In specific terms, 500 specialised built environment courses across the world are accredited by RICS.

Enjoy numerous career opportunities

RICS SBE attracts more than 350 renowned companies – a number that is bound to rise over time. Here are some of the reputed firms and organisations that seek out project management graduates from RICS SBE – Turner and Townsend, CWC LLP, Vedas Consultants, Citibank, Knight Frank, and Cushman and Wakefield, to name a few.

The path to becoming a high-quality project manager is certainly not easy. However, with institutions like RICS SBE, one can get an adequate push to brush up their skills and secure a fast-pacing career in this field. So, what are you waiting for? Apply now!

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