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How to excel in your career with an MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management


The healthcare industry is one of the most prominent industries in the world, let alone India. This can be illustrated in the fact that the health technology sector is expected to reach $280.25 billion by 2021. It’s a valuation that can be attributed to the sheer number of developments – whether technological or otherwise – in the industry, mandating the need for a fresh wave of new-age professionals to populate the job market.

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Over 10 lakh jobs will be generated in the industry by 2020, and this number is projected to rise even higher over time. While the number of certified doctors is undoubtedly increasing, it’s vital to ensure that the industry isn’t homogenised with individuals who’ve received the same-old cookie-cutter education and have nothing new to bring to the table.

This is where new-age MBA courses in the domain of healthcare come into play. With a modern approach to age-old medical teachings and learnings, various institutes have taken a contemporary stance to ensure that aspiring doctors don’t fall behind in an industry that is continuously evolving.

ICRI is one such pioneer in this regard that is helping students prepare for the careers of tomorrow. Their MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management accomplishes this goal of helping individuals become industry-ready to tackle the various challenges that will arise in the healthcare industry over time. By equipping yourself with the best-in-class healthcare management skills and practices, your career prospects will shoot up considerably.

To put this statement into context, here are some of the many benefits of studying in ICRI, an educational leader in the healthcare space:

    • Students at ICRI are provided a blend of practical and theoretical learning through internships in leading hospitals and lessons by eminent doctors.
    • After passing out from this course, students can work in illustrious hospitals such as Fortis, Max, NH Hospital, and Columbia Asia, among many others.
    • ICRI guarantees placement in leading hospitals, professional healthcare clinics, medical tourism firms, healthcare insurance agencies, medical diagnostics companies, and the healthcare technology sector as well.
    • The institute also provides UGC-recognised qualifications and sports incredibly well-designed and equipped campuses in New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Pune.

Taking an MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management will open the following career verticals for you.

Hospital Professional

Hospital administrators see to it that the institution creates an accommodating and patient-friendly environment, ensure that facilities in the institution operate efficiently and that the finances are mapped out judiciously. This will ultimately create an engaging environment that focuses primarily on providing an optimal experience to patients. 

Medical Diagnostic

A medical diagnostics expert will provide their support in propagating research and innovation in healthcare by applying their practical studies in a real-world environment.

Healthcare Technology

A person who’s working in the domain of healthcare technology has the primary responsibility to help in the creation of the latest technology by applying everything they’ve learned about the healthcare industry at large.

Management Consulting

Develop managerial competencies and assume leadership positions in hospitals to ensure that individuals & firms in the healthcare sector can streamline their existing processes and innovate to form new ones.

The healthcare industry is currently experiencing a very palpable upswing, with career opportunities coming up at every step. However, it’s one thing to start your career – it’s a different thing altogether to succeed in the vertical you’ve chosen to excel in. With new-age institutes like ICRI providing a base for people to learn modern educative principles pertaining to the medical sector through an MBA in Healthcare Management, individuals with the aspirations to become a stalwart player in the industry will attain a leg-up to accomplish the same.

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