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Opt For An MBA in Energy Trading And Become A Key Player In This Industry


In the modern age, most youngsters are quick to acknowledge the value and merit of an MBA degree. The degree is viewed as a platform to scale up the corporate ladder, which otherwise may seem gruelling at the initial stages of a professional career. A common belief is that MBA degrees lack individuality; however, in recent times a host of specializations have sprung into existence. Apart from conventional topics like marketing, finance, operations, and human resources, niche topics such as business analytics, hospital administration, and risk management have gradually gained in popularity.

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An unconventional specialization progressively enhancing its recognition, not only in India but across the globe as well, is energy trading. Energy trading can be explained as the buying, selling, and dealing with bulk energy from where it is produced to where it is ultimately needed.

Energy prices are determined and regulated by the basic principles of demand and supply. The commodities are traded through energy markets. The popularity of this course is mainly due to the fact that in this age energy resources are depleting and scarce in nature. It is critical to understand how the market works to ensure efficient utilization of energy consumption, at the right places and at the right times.

The international trend towards the uptake of renewable resources and sustainability concerns have enabled energy policy as a key component in overall corporate strategies of large multinational corporations. A Master’s degree in energy trading also presents opportunities and openings in industry bodies and global associations specializing in energy policy. Most companies that develop oil, gas, and electricity need to market and promote their respective output and limit the risk exposure through these energy marketing and trading functions. In addition to these associations and companies, investment funds and banks also, maintain energy trading sectors which enable commodity exposure and opportunities for profit.

An energy trading course imparts knowledge on an array of topics like economics, energy law & policy, and energy value chains. This is an ideal course for students wishing to capture understandings on basic energy derivatives that are commonly used in trading, marketing, and risk management. Understanding the practicality of energy derivatives is essential to succeed in this industry. While specialists exist in the energy industry, the need for business acumen and mindset is critical in order to mitigate wastage.

A leading institute offering this unique MBA course is the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. As its name suggests, the school of business in this university specializes in resource management. The MBA in Energy Trading degree exposes students to international practices involved in energy and commodity training, the demands of the evolving oil & gas trading, including pricing, risk management and oil economics.

This course is diverse and presents students with different avenues to enter into upon completion. Students graduating with an MBA in Energy Studies are exposed to a wide range of job opportunities. These include – business analyst, oil & gas marketing, carbon emission trading, and consultancy. 

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