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UPSC Pathshala’s Personal Mentoring: Reviewed by Students


UPSC Pathshala is one of the most renowned and trusted platform among the students when it comes to UPSC exam preparation. The platform was started with the aim of providing affordable and effective UPSC exam preparation services for UPSC aspirants. Owing to the features like Personal Mentor, offline access, live classes, regular test series and doubt solving sessions, several students have reviewed it as the best platform for UPSC preparation. 

What makes UPSC Pathshala Different from the Other UPSC Online Coaching Providers?

Preparation for the Civil Services exam is a long journey, and it’s very important to have an experienced mentor who can guide you at every step of the preparation. UPSC Pathshala offers a dedicated mentor who makes the student’s study plan, solves their doubts, discusses current affairs, evaluates answers and keeps them focused on their path.

Video Lectures

Students are offered with great quality video lectures by the expert faculty members from across the country. In these videos, the entire syllabus of General Studies (GS) and Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) gets covered as well as it also covers the most detailed current affairs for both the preliminary and mains examination. Further, there are checkpoint questions and tests after every video and module to ensure that the students have thoroughly understood the concepts. 

Regular Practice Sessions

UPSC Pathshala makes the students go through many practice tests that ultimately ensures that they’re completely prepared for their UPSC attempt. The online practice tests help the students to keep track of their preparation, identify their strong and weak points and work on it accordingly.

Vishakha, a student of UPSC Pathshala says in her review “I came to know about UPSC Pathshala when I was in my second year. It was exactly what I wanted and wished for. It provides you with the most simplified version of the videos and the best study materials. The best part? You have your own personalised mentor!”

Further talking about her mentor, she said, “I’m very happy with my personal mentor. She evaluates my answers well, and she helps me by giving the perfect constructive criticism for my studies. She also helps me with my answers and essay formations. Every time I reach out to her, she guides me to be a better version of myself and solves all my doubts. I just have to ping her, message her about my problem whenever I am studying, and she is always there to make sure that my doubt gets cleared.”

Many students of UPSC Pathshala who are working professionals find the course to be very flexible as it goes according to their time, pace and convenience. One such student, Tushar, in his review said “I came to know about UPSC Pathshala through one of the workshops conducted by Atul Sir. He had explained about the UPSC exam and the amount of study and dedication one would require to appear for this exam. As a working professional, I was looking for a coaching institute where I can attend the classes as per my schedule. UPSC Pathshala has some amazing online custom courses which I can attend as per my convenience.”

He further adds to his review, “The next thing I love about UPSC Pathshala is their mentorship. There are regular doubt-solving and test series sessions. This allows us to get our doubts and queries clarified from various mediums and in addition to that, they review our progress and provide timely feedback. There are also regular current affairs classes conducted and recorded. If for any reason a student is not able to attend, then they get the recording of the lecture which ensures that we do not miss out on anything.”

All of these factors are a distant dream if a student is enrolled with a local offline class. They rely on local tutors and it is difficult for them to provide a personal mentor at an effective price. Moreover, if a student is unable to attend any lecture, he will lag behind considerably. With UPSC Pathshala, a student gets the best of both worlds- personal and best mentor from across the country and the flexibility to study according to their time. 

In another student review, Suneha said, “The online videos which we have in UPSC Pathshala’s portal are very helpful. All the concepts are explained in a simple yet in a brief manner. Another great and uncommon feature is their offline access. Upon enrolling, you get a pen drive delivered at your doorstep wherein you can access all the content offline. As and when the content is updated on the portal, it automatically gets synced in the pen drive. I can access it whenever I’m travelling or facing connectivity issues.” You can check out more such success stories here.

UPSC Pathshala also has an app- UPSC Guru which is designed to help the student in their UPSC preparations. The app and the personal mentor will be a go-to companion for the student in his journey from clearing Prelims to getting selected in the Interview. There is a dedicated chatbot to answer student’s questions and queries.

There are a plethora of free videos that the students can watch to get a glimpse of what they can expect from the paid course. In the ‘Preparation Plan’ section, the student can choose the custom courses that suit him the best and apply for a scholarship.

It is indeed your virtual mentor during your preparation for the UPSC exam. It is an app which will be a one-stop solution to all your queries regarding the preparation, pattern and anything related to UPSC Exam.

In a nutshell, UPSC Pathshala’s top mentors with 10+ years of experience in their field along with their result-oriented approach will ensure that they leave no stone unturned in helping their students to crack UPSC and pave their path towards success. The reviews go on to show exactly why UPSC Pathshala is the Number 1 online coaching for UPSC in India. 

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