University of Sheffield's Scholarships 2013 for Indian Students

The University of Sheffield has invited applications from meritorious students from India for a range of scholarships for the academic session 2013 to 2014. The university is located in the U.K.


1. Undergraduate scholarships for international students will be given from the faculties such as engineering, science, arts and the School of Law and Management school for acquiring degrees such as Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Arts (BA). The scholarships programs are named as:

  • Engineering International Scholarships 2013
  • Science international Scholarships 2013
  • Law International scholarships 2013
  • Arts International scholarships 2013
  • Management International Scholarships 2013
  • Social Science International Scholarships 2013
  • India Merit Undergraduate Scholarships 2013

2. Postgraduate scholarship programs will be given to international students who are aspiring to acquire a degree MSc or MA via the Taught Master’s Program. The programs are called as follows:

  • India Merit Postgraduate Scholarships 2013
  • India Sheffield Scholarships 2013
  • Management School MSc and MBA scholarships
  • Shared Commonwealth Scholarships 2013

3. Postgraduate research scholarships are also given to meritorious students who wish to acquire PhD or MPhil degrees.

Important dates

Application deadline

28 June, 2013 (Friday)

Last date for applying to India Merit Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes

21 June, 2013 (Friday)

Scholarship results will be announced

26 July, 2013 (Friday)

Eligibility and award criteria

All students must have required a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Test System (IELTS) score or other recognised English language qualification. The eligibility for students is explained below.

1. For undergraduate students:

  • Applicants must have minimum 75% in aggregate and 80% in key subjects from the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)and Maharashtra Board. For the West Bengal Board, the aggregate must be 65% and 70% in key subjects.
    • The students must apply with information of faculty they want to join in the September 2013 programmes
    • The applicant must be self-funding, classified as overseas to get the scholarship
    • The scholarships will be awarded automatically in the subsequent years
    • The first year scholarships are unconditional, but to acquire it over the subsequent years the student must score 60% marks on average
    • The scholarships are given in form of a reduction in the tuition fees.
    • For India Merit Scholarships, the applicant must be a permanent resident of India and the selection is done purely on the basis of academic merit

2. For postgraduate programmes:

  • Applicants who have complete a three-year or four-year bachelor’s degree program from a recognised university
  • For three-year degree holders, the required marks are 60% (first class). For four-year degree holders the required marks minimum is 55% (second class)
  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of India
  • The applicant must offer a study place and wish to join the Taught Master’s Program starting September 2013
  • The applicant must be self-funding as well as classified an overseas for fee purposes
  • The scholarships are in the form of reduction in the tuition fees
  • The scholarships will be automatically given in subsequent years
  • The scholarships are applicable for only full-time or part-time students, students taking up distance learning are not eligible for these scholarships
  • The India Merit Postgraduate scholarships are decided on the basis of academic merit

3. For postgraduate research programs the applicant must have minimum 60% marks from a recognised university.

Application procedure

  1. For undergraduate applicants, the undergraduate application form is available online, with detailed information on attachments listed on the website itself
  2. For Taught Master’s postgraduate applicants, the postgraduate application form is available online, with detailed information of attachments and policies on the website in the “Supporting Documents” section
  3. For applicants who are applying for research programs, the form is available online, but they must contact the academic department to enquire whether a supervisor is available in the subject

At any point of time, applicants may check the status of their application in the “After you Apply” section.

Contact details

  1. Postal address: The University of Sheffield, western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TN, UK
  2. Telephone for international students: +44 114 222 2000

For more details, log on to the “Contact us” section of the official website.


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