The Yale Young Global Scholars

The Yale Global Scholars Program is an intensive leadership development program organized yearly by one of the Ivy League colleges in the world, The Yale University in USA. The program is focused on high school cleared students from around the globe who are enthusiastic, energetic, have ideas to make impact and become future leaders, even before they get into their universities.

The program

The program is a two week long training where the students get to meet people from around the world, build network and share ideas together. They together work on projects and make a toolkit that they take back after the end of the program. While living on the campus, the students can not only live in the historic buildings of the university but get to eat in one of the most awarded dining halls, engage and interact with world renowned professors and practitioners. The program is designed such that it is able to attain these following skills in an individual:
1. Critical thinking ability and flexibility of the mind
2. Ability to communicate and participate productively with peers from varied cultures
3. Share and learn new ideas from the thinkers themselves
4. Get to work under the guidance of some of the esteemed scholars of the college and around.
5. Develop key skills in communication

            The sessions are only 6 but are intensive programs structured to give in depth idea of the current global situation, enabling the mind to strategize and innovate ideas. These 6 sessions are different but have similar tasks and learning modules. The six themes are:
1. Politics, Law and Economics
2. Biology and Biomedical Sciences
3. International Affairs and Security
4. Applied Sciences and Engineering
5. Frontiers of Math and Science
6. Sustainable Development and Social Entrepreneurship

Eligibility Criteria

Any student completing his/her high school education from any country is eligible for the program. Because the applicants are High School pass-outs the age for the candidates is typically between 15-17 years.

Tuition fees and Scholarships

The application fees for applying for the program is $55 and the total tuition cost is $5800 for 2 weeks program. This cost is exclusive of travelling and other related expenses. However, the university offers partial or full scholarship on the tuition fees if the applicant comes from a financially weak background. In such a case, the candidate can apply for the scholarship and present supporting documents to get a partial or full scholarship.

Documents required while application are as follows

The program applications and fee transactions are done online. In case the applicant is from weak financial background, the applicant will have to fill a waiver form to get exemption from the application fee of $55.

For the program the YYGS application requires:

1. Resume / activity list

2. Official school transcript

3.Two letters of recommendation

4. Unofficial standardized test scores, if available (these are not required)

5. One 500 word essay and two 200 word responses

For the Scholarship:

Students must report annual family income for the past three years, as well as the number of individuals in the household. A statement explaining why the student is applying for need-based financial assistance to attend the program is also required. Additional supporting documentation is required.

For international students, supporting documentation should include any of the following (please submit as many as can be conveniently be provided):
(1) copy of the most recent income tax forms from the country where your parents pay taxes; (2) a letter from parents’ employer, stating position, salary, all benefits, and years of service; (3) a letter from a bank stating the amount of funds available to parents or student;
(4) a copy of an award of any scholarship or loans that the student receives.

The last date to apply for this program is January 31, 2017.
The different summer sessions are to be held between June 19 to August 9, 2017

To know more about the program and applications, you can visit their official website :

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