Skills every college bound student should learn before going to college

College-bound high school kids who are preoccupied with the final phases of their school life completing their final class work, assessing grades, attending year end annual functions, having a merry time know that college life will soon be upon them. Often times the transition is too much to handle for fresh-faced college goers because school doesn’t prepare students for the gritty stuff of the real world. Whether students push themselves grudgingly or ardently, there are a few skills every student should learn or know of before leaving the nest. These skills are the real world ‘little’ things every grown-up will be expected of eventually and while it doesn’t entail baffling stuff like career guidance and security, there is no doubt that these skills are as handy as they are essential.

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Growing up in school, students are inculcated with moral values that even though desirable as a personality trait may end up being detrimental to their psyche, mental health and chances. While being helpful and consenting is redolent of a fine moral character, learning to say no is equally important. It indicates that people know what their limits are and they know that they can’t exceed those limits. Excessive compliance, over-scheduling and the inability to meet demands put a dampener on mental health leading to a decrease in acuity.

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Although time management is a something that most high-school going children have it down pat, what with board exam preparations and assignment deadlines, the skill level required to function as an independent adult devoid of security and insouciance is usually higher. Getting to control free time will be instrumental in the process of personal growth, at a time when you will need to study and socialize more than ever.

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Basking in the warmth that parents provide and their support, most students haven’t had to ever worry about bills and its concomitant worries. Learning to budget money pays dividends and bills, literally. Having a sound budget plan is beneficial as it also indicates how much monopoly money you have to yourself apart from what is needed for basic daily expenses and what is left after paying for bills.

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Teenagers on the cusp of adulthood, intent on moving out of their parents’ home should have a hold of the basic tasks that come with living alone. The most important amongst them undeniably is to learn how to sustain oneself by cooking one’s own food. There are going to be times when you can’t buy food or have someone make it for you. Those times could include being bedridden as a result of a sickness or an injury. It is only prudent on the part of students that they learn this vital skill.

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Exploring a new area of study that holds a certain level of interest or something that you wanted to do for a long period of time but never got around to doing it should also be a feature on the list of consideration. Doing so helps you gain perspective in addition to meliorating your CV. Acquiring new skills leads to an increase in cognitive abilities and the knowledge at your disposition makes you slightly more favourable and noteworthy as a resource amongst peers.

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Learning the most basic vehicle and home repair tricks can go a long way. They don’t just help you save money and time but these handy tricks can come to your rescue in times of dire need. Knowing basic stuff like checking or changing the oil, changing spark plugs or battery, and fixing the toilet is beneficial in certain situations.

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College life imparts lessons in various forms, from self-government to networking and problem-solving among others. These skills can translate to self-development, helping students find their footing in the real world. When looking for that first job fresh out college, bear it in mind that these skills are transferable and will help you in other walks of life.

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